Tuesday, 1 November 2005


Today I went skipping about wildly in response to making several purchases. It is high time I got laid. Sheesh.

I am kinda broke and I must stop using my credit card. I would cut that little motherfucker up right now except for then how would I buy anyone any Christmas presents? The money I earn goes to

a) rent
b) phone, credit card, and internet bills
c) gas
d) food

and then it is gone. Sometimes it is gone before the food bit, another useful diet tip.

Well shit!

But anyway I bought me some Revenge of the Sith, it wa a forgone conclusion that I would buy that but then you know what those bastards went and did? They released the entire series of Sex and the City, in a velvety package...I had not bought any of the series yet...always intending to and yet always managing to restrain myself...Now today I had my regular 10% discount plus also a 10% off coupon plus also when you buy that they give you a $10 giftcard so it pretty much paid for Star Wars too. So how could I resist when I am bored as fuck over here.

Went on bad first date. I still love my old boyfriend and he still loves me and he is one of my favorite friends so I guess the only way I will be able to really start dating other people is to not be friends with him any more and that would suck. Anyway the guy I went out with was a former coworker of my mothers, who met me at her wedding...and he was just. I dunno. You know how sometimes people make you uncomfortable for no particular reason? He was kind of a staring type and an overly interested type and that really puts me off. I am like the only girl in the world who is put off by a guy being interested in her heheheheheh. I am pretty much fucked in the dating department. The word of the day is FUCK say it loud and proud.

My coworker hurt his back, really bad, so he may be out for 2 weeks or more which means I am going to be working a lot. Which is good in a way but yuck in another way cuz now other shopoholics like myself are hitting the store hardcore and being impatient and annoying and pushy.

ANd xmas is coming up which is depressing and family life is awkward for the holidays with my oldest sister divorced, my father deceased and greatly missed and my mother remarried to a guy who is I will admit very nice but nevertheless is not my dad. So it's just a reminder. And his daughter is bitchy.

The word of the day is FUCK and the sentence structure of the day is run-on and poorly punctuated. I am over sharing and can't afford a therapist so thank you internet for allowing me to just type it all out and share my neurosis with the world in general.

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