Monday, 27 February 2006


I hate it when the buzznet shizzle goes fazizzle...ow whenever i try to go to buzznet i just keep getting a page that says ADMIN 208.179. blah blahblah

I'm so over it
I had a great time in SF and here are a few pics since buzznet is being a little bitch today

alexv and me

the nephew

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips

I don't know why I have had that song stuck in my head all morning. My Ma is cool like that tho...cuz she bought me Adidas and I didn't have to ask heheh.

I wanted to say that yesterday I was so tempted to print an extra copy of this person's picture....they had 4 rolls of film that consisted of various kids dressed as cowpokes sitting on minature horses (those shortie kind) and one of the horses had a hot pink mane, I guess they were goin for a my lil pony kind of a vibe...I was cracking up and the more I looked at it the more it struck me funny. Some of the kids were kind of tall and stuff and it made the horses look even more squatty and bizarre. Okay I guess you had to be there but I sooo wanted to swipe one to post on buzznet. 4 whole rolls of was too perfect...

Monday, 20 February 2006

I'm MacGyver

My car stereo wasn't working. I put the faceplate on it and it was just dead. But then I shoved a paper clip into part of it and it worked again. Hooray! Now I don't have to drive for hours in silence.

I have 5 whole days in a row off of work, and I can't wait...

PS: I have a confession to make

I've never actually seen a episode of MacGyver.

Sunday, 19 February 2006

Fly on the Wall

Or sister crouched in the corner behind a garbage can. Let me explain. The twins were over and we were playing hide and go seek. I hid in the corner of the kitchen behind a plastic garbage can that my sister keeps the dog food in. I had to turn it sideways in order to fit and pile stuff on top to be sufficiently hidden. My sister walks into the kitchen and says "I'll have some of Jamie's coffee. She won't mind" Then she walks to the fridge still not noticing me, and takes out my coffee creamer (french vanilla...what's the diff between that and regular vanilla is it très délicieux comparé à l'ordinaire?) she shakes it and says "yeah, she won't mind". Still didn't notice part of the kitchen is rearranged and I am crouched in the corner thinking "yes i do!!!!" Cuz she always finishes the end of my stuff dammit and she buys the freaking powder kind that is sweetened with aspartame which she knows I am allergic to anyway. (I use Folgers Crystals...after they pulled that crap on me in the restaurant and I was all "no way? this is made from Folgers Crystals? this shit is amazing forget brewing anything....microwave that cup of water and your good to good to good to go solo") Then she sat down across from me drinking my coffee and still didn't notice I was there. I stared at her. And cleared my throat. Ahem. Then she noticed. "oh, that's a good hiding place". Apparently.

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

A boy in an Insane Clown Posse hat bought a Toblerone

Or some Toblerone...and is that even how you spell it?
I just like to say Insane Clown Posse
or write it as the case may be...anyway, that happened. At approximately 2:52.

Today I got a message on my answering machine from Bub
"Hi Bub! just wanted to say happy valentines day, I was thinking of you. I still love you. Every day of the year" It was non-drunk and even in the morning so that was nice. I wasn't completely alone on this dum-dum day. I even called him back and had a nice normal conversation.
so all is well in the dumb hearts and stupid crap world of luv...

I have been on a chocolate binge....Nick brought back yummy chocolate from England...such as Aero....mmmm Aero.

heheh the girls where making their VAlentine cards for school this past weekend...JC signing her's "with warmest regards" so cute, they are too amazing.

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Hey Hey Hey Muthafucka!

I just saw the 40 Year Old Virgin for the 1st time and I constantly feel like saying Hey Hey Hey Muthafucka! I liked it. As you've guessed. It was super long though and I guess it was because it was the unrated version so they added in some deleted scenes...but then even after that the deleted scenes that didn't make it in were cracking me up too.....Okay some muthafucka is parking in front of our house and listening to something wretched (I have bad musical taste I admit but this is one of those fast thump-thump-thump things...if you catch my drift. that is some shit that gets on my nerves.)

In addition to renting that I rented A Love Song For Bobby Long, which kept skipping so I didn't watch it. It would get to the end of a scene and then skip back to two scenes before it. I couldn't get past it. Once I rented a movie and the skip made it skip ahead and when the movie finished I was like "but what the hell happened with?" and then we skipped through again and found the scenes we missed (the man with...the strange man....the man who forgot...well, I forget what the heck it was but it was Billy Bob Thornton and oh shit yeah the Man Who wasn't there it was called....) And I also rented High Tension...I dunno why but every so often i feel like seeing some horror movie, the last time it was Saw and I liked Saw...High Tension was bloody and disgustifying and I hated it. I mean it was sick and boring and so I skipped to the end and thought it was a stupid ludicrous twist. Dumb and irritating. Like the stupid movie with all the shit going on at the motel and then "it's all in his mind" whatever the fuck that was called. But the bloodyness of it was realistic in a yuck-o way that freaks me out...Like the time I watched Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and I still get nightmares from that muthafucka!

Okay whoever guessed I've been drinking wins a prize hehehe

The other thing I rented I rented because it had Chris Noth and I guess I better watch it right now before I say anything stupider than I've said already. And yeah I don't know the title of it and i am too lazy to look at it even thougth it is merely 5 feet away from me at the moment and I am about to pick it up as soon as i turn this off


Friday, 3 February 2006

Fashion Impared

"But I don't even care about fashion!" - my 7 year old niece yelling at her twin sister before slamming the door. They are in Second grade...what up with that?

Last night I went through many clearance racks in a shopping frenzy. I needed new bras because, since I lost weight, I have gone down a cup size and been reappointed to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (does that really have 2 m's t's and e's? I am too lazy to check). And I bought some cheap purses and shoes because I thought I would maybe cultivate a "look". Carrie Bradshaw influenced, no doubt. I was thinking "funky and eclectic". Today in the harsh light of morning I am realizing it's more "colorblind prostitute". Oh well.


while playing kick ball with my nieces in the schoolyard this past weekend, I looked at the sky and exclaimed "there are heck of hawks!"

this morning, trying to rouse myself from sleep and my comfy bed (which are so heavenly to me these days, you have no idea)...I decided to count to a certain number and then force myself to get up. I thought to myself "to count from 99 to 100 takes a split second"

"my brain's turned to tofu!"