Sunday, 30 October 2005

oh happy day

I found something I was looking high and low for. When you stop looking, you find it. Ya know?

Here are two cool and cute family things that happened recently...
One of the twins had to write a paper for her class about her family. She was explaining how her brother is her half brother: "how this happened," she wrote, "is his mother was pregnant with him and my father was somehow involved". Too cute, that kid. 2nd grade. I dunno if being twins makes kids learn language faster or what but they use big words and they both can read amazingly fast...they are very smart and funny. I miss living near to them so much!

The other is that I got to see my nephew's new band, they are fantastic...he was amazing. And the cute thing was after they played his girlfriend was helping him put away his cords, etc and these lil gals came up to him and asked if they could get their picture taken with him. And his girlfriend didn't bat an eye about it and even volunteered to take the picture for them. AWwwww. They are good kids. Well, he is an adult now but U know what I mean.

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Computer Blue

is a Prince song

Wow I haven't been on the internet in a while because my computer was completely screwed up. Now it is finally fixed. It had 6 viruses. My computer is a sleaze.

I was lucky because my sister has a friend who owes her money and this friend has a husband who is a member of the geek squad so he came over and fixed my computer. Some months ago he had fixed my sisters computer so now they must be pretty much square. All though you never know with my sister. Case in point (what am I saying? you can tell I am tired when I say stuff like case in point, but anyway) my sister will think nothing of finishing any grocery item I buy, despite the fact that she rarely buys any groceries. She once ate a block of pepper jack cheese that I was saving for a recipe I was making the next day. But she guards stuff she bought with her life. She always buys this cheap ass wine that is like $2.99 and then you can tell she intentionally hides the bottle behind other stuff in the fridge like she thinks I will take some. Tonight she was watching her favorite show and I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. She tore into the kitchen like shot to grab the wine bottle and pour the last glass for herself. During the show which she never misses... so I know she was doing it so I couldn't have any. Sis I don't want your ghetto wine. And if I did I would say "do you mind if I have some" She doesn't ever ask first about anything. She polished off a bag of chips I bought. She would never buy chips herself. I could call her on this but she is always having issue after issue. So maybe her having the guy fix my computer makes it so I can just ignore her annoying habits. Anyway I have gone down two pants sizes since I moved in with her, and I was a bit chubby before, so I guess that is one way to diet.

Having the dude over to fix the computer prompted me to vacuum and do laundry and straighten up, so that was a bonus because I usually can't get motivated to clean my room. But now the clean sheets and stuff are piled on top of the unmade bed and my cat was giving me a dirty look like get off the goddamn computer already. Now she is sleeping on a tiny corner of the bed that doesn't have junk piled all over it. Now I will have to disturb her. This reminds me of a Fuzzy Memory by Jack Handey...because that is just how my brain works..."What started out to be a nice pleasant drive in the country turned into the "Afternoon from Hell."
First of all, when Marta and I were leaving, the cats looked at us like, "Where are you going?"
Then, when we were driving, we had to stop and get gas. So right there that's time taken away from looking at the scenery.
Then, when we get home, guess what the cats are doing? Sleeping! Man, what next?" I literally just googled "marta cats sleeping man what next jack handey" and the quote came up on a site. This internet is about the craziest shit ever. What next indeed.