Thursday, 20 August 2009

What I wore to sign my bankruptcy documents

Stretchy jeans that are loose-fitting and boot cut, my light blue All-Alaskan Racing Pigs 20th anniversary t-shirt from the county fair, and my Doc Martens that I have had for 18 years. On their 4th pair of shoelaces. Not bad. On top I wore my blue-gray poncho, which is one of my favorite things. Even though it makes my brother-in-law refer to me as Outlaw Josey Wales.

Motorhead lyrics that can make you bawl

I heard my friend cry, and he sank to his knees,
Coughing blood as he screamed for his mother,
And I fell by his side, and that's how we died,
Clinging like kids to each other,
And I lay in the mud and the guts and the blood,
And I wept as his body grew colder,
And I called for my mother and she never came,
Though it wasn't my fault and I wasn't to blame,
The day not half over and ten thousand slain,
And now there's nobody remembers our names,
And that's how it is for a soldier.