Thursday, 24 October 2002

testing to see if this only published when i write it at work

Wednesday, 23 October 2002

I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today
lately i have been listening to mostly: Hole- Pretty on the Inside.
lately I am always stuck watching: baseball (with my headphones on listening to the above)
and "Seinfeld" reruns, which I am sick of actually. I liked it at the time and now I am sick of it. But Kris always wants to watch it because there are so many he missed the 1st time around. But it is not something I can watsh over and over like "The Simpsons", i get really bored of it. And Kris is working the past three nights so I have had the TV off! geez now i am rambling.
lately we saw: Punch Drunk Love... it was really good but it had me all nervous. That something really awful was going to occur. Which is how I felt in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights, too. I thought the only guy I liked in it, the guy Don Cheadle played, was going to get killed. And also that part where Sister Christian is playing and the guy keeps setting off firecrackers. This movie had weirdly loud scenes, too. I guess that PT Anderson is good at making me jump out of my skin. And then it fit in weird to a bunch of Popeye related coincidences. Okay I know this makes no sense, but for some reason the latest thing between me and Kri is to say "Stops it, Olives!" in a Popeye voice when we are making fun of each other (as I said, it makes no sense). Then we had some magazine with an ad for some kind of booze and some semi-nude model was holding up an Olive Oyl mask. Then I wanted to rent Popeye with Robin Williams and didn't... we saw Punch Drunk Love that weekend and it plays a song that Shelly Duvall sings in Popeye. So by then I really wanted to rent the damn thing and our video store doesn't have it! So the last weird thing is I forgot my atm card Tuesday so I went to the bar where Kris works where I know everybody who works there (it is like Cheers and I am like Cliff Clavin) and i got a burger to go and they said it was okay if i paid for it later. So Curt who I worked with asked where I got it from and I told him that story. And he was all "Oh, you're like that guy in Popeye!"
Ok this puppy hasn't been posting onto the website lets see if it works today-
news: at work.. another one bites the dust (oops i almost wrote bites the desk, well, that too) Will I be next to go? and as always the eternal question- what am I doing with my life? What do I want to do? Kris had this article about people who are postponers- who work as bartenders or waiters while they are figuring out what to do for their "real" career.. well, i feel like I am doing that same thing. Problem is, this job i am doing is sapping all of my creativity.
no subject: how weird is it that the person who gave me my cat because she was moving out is about the same age as me, has tattoos like me (even a Disney one) and collects little toys and stuff. And she is doing exactly what i wanted to do for a job originally, namely editing film. I don't get it, what did I do wrong that she did right? I tried and tried to get a foot in the door to no avail and i know that it was something that i was good at. I just got screwed over when i worked for the egomaniacal car commercial producer and that took me down several thousand notches for some reason, maybe because i was young and naive. Now I am old and pissed off and surly and should probably go back to school. But with what money? eeeerrr and speaking of ewrrrrrrrr i gotta go cuz my fucking break ended.

Tuesday, 8 October 2002

how come on the cover it is called Polk Salad Annie and on the closed captions it said Poke Salad Annie? (on this Elvis dvd my brother in law was showing)
ok tomorrow a hula-hooping office party and that should be *interesting* Bay Area- check your local listings! blaaaaaaaaaaah !
and then on thursday the tradtional karaoke buh-bye (some folks give the gold watch, we folks sing show tunes).
Lisa's leaving our work, that will be so weird. I need to make big decisions, but what else is new. My life is one long unending BIG DECISION. I wish someone would come along and just tell me what to do. Because I don't know and I'm so sick of trying to figure it out.
blarg, that was strange, but now i feel better- that's what counts! and goodnight Mrs Kalabash wherever you are
Actually maybe the junk mail coincides with signing Jeff Bridges guestbook!! LOL The spammers know a lot about me, they are mostly offering to CUT MY BAD CREDIT IN HALF.
My skills with money leave a lot to be desired. I went over the limit on my credit card *and* somehow forgot to pay it last month (I don't recall getting the bill actually). So I got a $30 over-limit fee and a $30 late fee. Wow, thanks, you money grubbing bastards at Capital One Bank!! I mean, I should have paid more attention and I know it is ultimately my fault, but those are some big frickin' fees to be tackin' on to a broke girls bill!!! I'm goin' on a Top Ramen and cereal diet for a month just to pay that mofo off. Plus the fact that my thighs are touching when I walk and I should maybe drop a few pounds. I mean, I had to by some pants for work and all cuz I am gettting a bit thick. Anyway...

Tell me why sudden plethora of junk email coincides with me blocking the address of an ex-boyfrriend who sent me an irritating email? Or is it merely coincidence? Either way, it is just going straight to the trash so it's all the same to me. Oh crap, lunch break ended. Back to the ol'...whatever....

Thursday, 3 October 2002

So I haven't surfed the internet in ages and what is the first thing I do? Look up Mahir!. But it seems like the original site is not up anymore. Boohoo, cuz i wanted to do my Yoda Mahir again, and I would need to copy the pictures to stick the yoda head on. Like anyone cares. Well, I was thinking of it because I showed my friend and neighbor, Chuck, my original page (lucky I had print it out before folded) and he laughed so hard he wheezed!

So as it turned out the high school reunion was pretty fun! And I even saw people I had not seem since about seventh grade. So I was glad that I went after all. Man, I seem to be devoid of writing skills these days. Jus tdon't feel like it I guess.