Wednesday, 23 October 2002

I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today
lately i have been listening to mostly: Hole- Pretty on the Inside.
lately I am always stuck watching: baseball (with my headphones on listening to the above)
and "Seinfeld" reruns, which I am sick of actually. I liked it at the time and now I am sick of it. But Kris always wants to watch it because there are so many he missed the 1st time around. But it is not something I can watsh over and over like "The Simpsons", i get really bored of it. And Kris is working the past three nights so I have had the TV off! geez now i am rambling.
lately we saw: Punch Drunk Love... it was really good but it had me all nervous. That something really awful was going to occur. Which is how I felt in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights, too. I thought the only guy I liked in it, the guy Don Cheadle played, was going to get killed. And also that part where Sister Christian is playing and the guy keeps setting off firecrackers. This movie had weirdly loud scenes, too. I guess that PT Anderson is good at making me jump out of my skin. And then it fit in weird to a bunch of Popeye related coincidences. Okay I know this makes no sense, but for some reason the latest thing between me and Kri is to say "Stops it, Olives!" in a Popeye voice when we are making fun of each other (as I said, it makes no sense). Then we had some magazine with an ad for some kind of booze and some semi-nude model was holding up an Olive Oyl mask. Then I wanted to rent Popeye with Robin Williams and didn't... we saw Punch Drunk Love that weekend and it plays a song that Shelly Duvall sings in Popeye. So by then I really wanted to rent the damn thing and our video store doesn't have it! So the last weird thing is I forgot my atm card Tuesday so I went to the bar where Kris works where I know everybody who works there (it is like Cheers and I am like Cliff Clavin) and i got a burger to go and they said it was okay if i paid for it later. So Curt who I worked with asked where I got it from and I told him that story. And he was all "Oh, you're like that guy in Popeye!"