Thursday, 4 December 2003

Dude I have Insomnia-- the kind like in the Stephen King book, where you fall asleep okay but then you wake up EARLY AS HELL! AAAAH!

Anyways... that was the right dude! He called and I am pretty sure he wasn't fooling. He seemed like a nice guy. I was intoxicated and therefore rambling so he probably thinks I am strange!

Wednesday, 3 December 2003

diary of a complete nut FYI
not that anyone gives a faaaaack but here is a copy of an email that i sent to someone and I hope hope hope it is the real dude. I have the same name as an adult film star, y'see...I am putting x's for our name

Okay-- not to be a jerk but I know everybody and their brother can buy web addresses and I got this email address from
So please unless you seriously are the XXXXXX the star, don't scam me or anything. Okay? yes i am paranoid. and fearful of spam! so be kind if you are not he. it's the holiday season after all. but if you spam me i will change my email address yet again *sigh* so all is not lost

Out of the goodess of my heart, My name is XXXXXX and if you 411 San Francisco you get my phone number, and as a result I have gotten calls asking to set up interviews. Most recently from VH1 of all things. I returned the calls to be nice and let them know that they had the wrong party. I've heard that the adult film star XXXXX is a resident of SF and a friend once claimed that he (you, i hope) walked by a restaurant in North Beach when we were having a Christmas party, and walked on by and i missed meeting him by thismuch just because i had given up smoking and was not outside at the time. That could have been BS but who knows but i am not a weird stalker or anything. So fear not. I just want to let you know that i have received these calls and would be more than willing to pass along the information provided that i feel secure that i am contacting the right party. So please in all sincerity and good faith and probably sounding like a loon but that is just the happy hour cocktails talking... respond and let me know. Hell, call 411. That's me. But please if this is some BS thing that does not in fact rep the real guy, don't mess w/ me okay? :) look at that is my former site and all will become clear. i am a silly girl!
bless you heart if it is really you, i got razzed in high school for a catalog that had my name next to Beverly Hills Cox!
and-- i did watch a video- i forget the title, but the plot revolved around a hypnotist !!

-The Other XXXXX!!!

ah well who knows life is funny innit?

Happy Birthday today Mama, and Ozzy

and to Dad in Heaven on Friday
I miss you

and Louie on Saturday, surly grocer sz SF Weekly

And thank you to whom/whatever
for the dream with my deceased friend Joey, I feel strangely better about the whole thing. was it a dream after all? it felt better than that