Friday, 21 April 2006

I love the smell of Coppertone in the morning

I love the smell of Coppertone any old time, it reminds me of good things...going on vacation and that sorta thing. I put some on for no reason but to cheer myself up. I also used a sample of some kind of Axe body wash in the shower. Even though it is intended for men. Cuz also, I love the smell of men.

Finally some people besides me are hatin' on the Dread Julia Roberts

I like that US blog I'mo link it in my links, and get rid of Jase-E-Poos old one, since it now links to some dumbass fake thing.

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Dear Mr Lachey

i almost gagged on my Black Cherry Vanilla Coke when I saw this, could you possibly be a bigger dork. Jeeeez Louise. This is right up there with Jennifer Aniston half naked on some other magazine after Brad Pitt gave her the boot.
why are celebrities nowadays so lame? I want to slap em all

my mother had the Enquirer and it had a big article on how Whitney Houston is not only a crackhead but a compulsive masturbator...enough already...we know more than we would ever want to know. yech

yet i sat there and read the dumb magazine anyway

worse yet is the actual newspaper....i read about a 26 year-old cannibal in training who killed a little girl (his neighbor)
and two kids who killed a 90-year old woman in the house that she lived in for years and years...also neighbor to the killers

the world is so in the shitter right now it is just ugly and depressing...

ick sorry to vent i just feel like my mind is filled with garbage and now I spilled it out so I can go to bed

Mink and I are gonna finish watching my Sex and the City dvd set...I stalled til the end well now the end is here...I am waiting on the last set of OZ what up with that...c'mon HBO, you bastards...

Monday, 10 April 2006

DMV- Dynamite

DMV oi! oi! oi!
(to the tune of TNT but you probably knew that, heh?)

2mrw morning I have to go to the DMV to renew my license. I have to go there in person on account of they need to take a new picture this time.

So, o'course, today I come down with a supa dupa gnarly eye-waterin' nose-stuffity cold. Which means my driver's license photo will be teary-eyed red-nosed and mucussy. Iddintdat uh pisha ("isn't that a pisser" said with plugged up nose.)

Also I seriously goofed my eyebrows to the point where they look, oh I dunno, Vulcan heheeh (laughing though the snot)

I go back and forth on linking to this from my buzznet page cuz, well i dunnooooo, but I am going to re-link it what the hell let it all hang out eh?

here is something funny I was looking at on Mama's fast computer, it is slow as hell on mine or I would link to the exact part...anyway look for the video to the Transformers theme song, I almost spit coffee on her computer...during the Queen Latifah moment...holy schnikes that was good...

Tuesday, 4 April 2006


Where on earth are all of my socks??? Today I have to wear one long one with snowmen embroidered on it, and one short one with a ghost in an orange wig and the legend "Ghouls Night Out".

It has been pouring rain non-stop to the point of annoyance...the gutters are flooding and we have that stupid sort of curb that curves down into the street rather than ending it a proper squarish way...maybe it has its advantages but none of them are apparent to me.

But to heck with all that...I am excited to go on my first train trip and see Alex and the awesome David Sedaris...and maybe even my favorite know, Disneyland...SoCal here I come, and ya better have some sun for the ol' girl...