Friday, 21 April 2006

I love the smell of Coppertone in the morning

I love the smell of Coppertone any old time, it reminds me of good things...going on vacation and that sorta thing. I put some on for no reason but to cheer myself up. I also used a sample of some kind of Axe body wash in the shower. Even though it is intended for men. Cuz also, I love the smell of men.

Finally some people besides me are hatin' on the Dread Julia Roberts

I like that US blog I'mo link it in my links, and get rid of Jase-E-Poos old one, since it now links to some dumbass fake thing.


Alex said...

I also have fond memories of Coppertone: Beach days and summer camp. Funny how we associate smells with memories.

BTW, I like your Spinal Tap tee shirt. That's the same band photo as the cover of "Break Like The Wind," to which I am now listening!

kookychick252 said...

yeah it even says break like the wind on the back, over a crossed out thing that says smell the glove world tour

my favorite song on there is Rainy Day Sun...and of course All the Way Home
i want the original soundtrack again, i had a cassette but i lost it