Monday, 30 April 2001

Decided to change the name of my blog. For some reason. Just to be confusing. Also dyed my hair red. Had been wanting to for a long time but did not do it so as to avoid Bobbsey Twin syndrome with roomate. No longer with that roomate so hell, LET'S DYE MY HAIR! Bring it on!
Finally, at long last, I am the owner of The Damned ---Strawberries on CD! Had to mail order it from Canada and here it is! Yee-haa! For the longest time I thought in the song "Dozen Girls" that it said "he wears purple underwear" but is actually "thermal underwear". 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy.
I really need to finish my sister's Stephen King book but when I get home from work I can't focus on reading. Can only do *this*, or draw, or dance. But reading makes me fall asleep. Should try reading on BART but I am afraid it will make me sick.

Thursday, 26 April 2001

I thought I just screwed up my blog thru geocities but fortunately I didn't. Whew! I'm kind of depressed lately so have been trying to do things to take my mind off it. So I went and gave all my webpages spiffy new words at the top. Whatever you call that. I'm so computer illiterate and yet I'm on the computer all the time. I mean the words in the blue space above the menu bar and all. I'm just embarassing myself now, although I doubt many people even read my blog. Neurotic as usual. Anyhoo... to sum up the week, in the words of The Process: "PMS PMS I'm so fat, my skin's a mess PMS PMS diet pop and chocolates PMS PMS look at that bitch she's wearin' my dress! P- I said P- PMS, I'M FUCKIN' STRESSED!"

Wednesday, 25 April 2001

Yesterday I forgot to mention that a bicyclist got hit by a car right outside my building. He didn't look hurt, but his front wheel was bent in half. Lots of screamin' and yellin' in the streets that day.
I'm so tired I keep hitting the wrong buttons by mistake and at first, in the above paragraph I spelled wheel "weel". I'm kinda iffy on my punctuation in that last sentence, too. Maybe I should stop typing. okay, bye.

Tuesday, 24 April 2001

I am a complete stuttering social buffoon, in case anyone wants to know.
In other news, I have a 10 year class reunion coming up next year! I just received word about it. Don't know whether to laugh or cry. May vomit.

Saturday, 21 April 2001

I found a cool site for the band Leatherface that I saw at Bottom of the Hill back in March. It includes a tour diary where they talk about each show with a concise brevity that I can only aspire to *sigh* I have to restrain myself to keep these entries from rambling on. Plus I don't think concise needs brevity behind it. Might be redundant, as are most of my posts... I will add the link to my favorites page when I'm in the mood to mess about with PageBuilder (haven't got the patience tonight).
Wish I knew more about HTML so I could make this blog page look nicer instead of just the standard boring look. I seem to be the only one stuck in this rut when I check out other peoples blogs.
E-mailed Captain Sensible of the Damned today, well it was Ask Captain and presumably it is something that he reads eventually. He's funny, I enjoyed reading the questions and answers that were already posted.
Friday went to the Leopard which is downstairs from my work. I always smell their food in the elevator. It makes me crave hamburgers which I normally try to stay away from. Later on, crashed on Marcus's couch while he proceeded on to The Mallard (I've seen enough of that...) His couch is not real comfortable, flat and vinyl and makes you sweat.
Today I felt exhausted. Saw my sister and the twins. Going to see Bridget Jones's Diary later.

Thursday, 19 April 2001

Well hello there! I am so tired today I can't see straight! I perked up when I ate the best dinner known to man: veggie samosas, pakoras, and curry. Yum, better than chocolate.
Got a walkman finally so I can listen to Misfits and stuff while I commute. I'm always very paranoid of having it too loud so that a person next to me might complain. I am on the whole a kinda non-confrontational gal!
Gave my friend Lisa the address for this website, she may be reading it right now, going "yikes".

Wednesday, 18 April 2001

A person emailed me today to ask if I was Jamie Gillis the actress who starred in "Night of the Zombies" not to be confused with Jamie Gillis the male porn star. I told him I was neither. Sorry to disappoint him but he was requesting an autographed picture.

Then later I realized that Jamie Gillis the porn star is the person who starred in Night of the Zombies. So what was he on about, I wonder?

Sunday, 15 April 2001

Well... it's been awhile since I posted. Last time I tried, blogger seemed to be having a bit of a problem. I think it's all good now. I'm enjoying the new job. The people I work with are cool and it's kind of a kick walking around S.F. on my breaks and lunch.
Friday I went to Radio, a bar, with Marcus and my friend Lisa (who hooked me up with my current job.)
Saturday I went to a Beatles impersonator show with my brother, Roland.
Today I am just tired and can't believe the weekend is already ending.

Tuesday, 10 April 2001

hello! the job is going ok so far but it is leaving me too tired to do fun things like blog and work on my website argh! i'm very irritable right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2001

Eeesh I start the new job tomorrow. I am NERVOUS! Veddy neuuuhvis!
Today I went to Berzerkeley with my friend Cleo and her friend Sabina. Cleo got a tattoo of her husband and son's name in Chinese characters. I managed to refrain from getting anymore but boy howdy it is mighty tempting. I love the sound the tattoo gun makes. The siren song of the tattoo gun. The tattoo parlor had flash that was by my former pseudo-roomate Daryl affectionately known as Gary Gnu because his last name was Gnau or Ralph because he couldn't hold his liquor! It was weird to see his flash though, haven't seen it in awhile. He's another guy who was played for a fool by my ex-roomate. The world is crawling with them.

Friday, 6 April 2001

ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall ninety eight bottles of berr on tha wall! Hi, decided to go for the S.F. job, will be good, I think. One day will search for silent Joe. blah blah. Am wee bit tipsy. is friday, after all. Am channeling Bridget Jones. Not v. good. will see movie when comes out, with Ena or similar. Durr!

Thursday, 5 April 2001

Holy mackerel! First I got offered the S.F. job (I think I'll take it, even though I have another interview tomorrow. I guess I'll just wait and see, maybe). Then I get home and I have a call back from yet another job that I interviewed for ages ago! Hmm, think I'll pass on that one for sure. Anyway it's all confusing because so many things are happening at once. But I think it will be kind of fun to work in S.F., ride BART and all. But, must find dressy shoes that are comfortable for walkin'. 'Cause right now I have bleeding blisters on that back of both heels. Attractive.

Wednesday, 4 April 2001

When it Rains It Pours: first I decide to interview for a job with Marcus' s friend. I finally break down and buy a car because I need it no matter what, and I'm probably always gonna be in debt anyway, so screw it. So I'm gettin' all ready to call Marcus's friend and the phone rings. It's the job in San Francisco and they want me to come in for a second interview. And then I get a call from another place that I faxed my resume to, and they want to set up an interview as well. So I have three interview in two days and not a thing to wear! Argh!
I found something cheesy today on the web, at the official Misfits website (i.e. new Misfits w/out Danzig) there is a video you can download where they cover "Monster Mash" with Jerry Only singing. And in the video it has clips from a halloween special that was made by the people that do the Rudolph special, with the kooky stop motion animation. It's pretty funny.

Sunday, 1 April 2001

I just found out I'm pregnant.(April Fool!) Would have to be an immaculate conception, the way things are going :( Ah, well... Went to see the Process Friday! Heehee I'm still all excited about it. They were great, my only complaint would be that I wished they had played longer. Thank you to my friend Marcus for takin' me to see them. I was thinking I hadn't been all excited about seeing a band since I was a kid and would get all worked up about, say, Def Leppard. And then the Process played a few notes of a Def Leppard song for a goof. HA. The Rats were good too, I was glad they played songs I knew. Too bad Grant(the lead singer) was late and had to be filled in for. But I enjoyed his little snit when he found out they played without him! Good ol' Grant.
Saturday Marcus and I went to see Leatherface in S.F. That was a good show, too. And we got to hang out with the band after. I was tired because we walked around all day. So we kept quoting Bernie Mac, a comic, "I'm tired, my body weary". Err, guess ya had to be there. I looked everywhere for a patch so that I could cover the logo of my old job on my favorite sweatshirt. And let my tell you it's hard to find a patch unless you want some crappy hippie deadhead or marijuana type thing. Blech!