Wednesday, 4 April 2001

When it Rains It Pours: first I decide to interview for a job with Marcus' s friend. I finally break down and buy a car because I need it no matter what, and I'm probably always gonna be in debt anyway, so screw it. So I'm gettin' all ready to call Marcus's friend and the phone rings. It's the job in San Francisco and they want me to come in for a second interview. And then I get a call from another place that I faxed my resume to, and they want to set up an interview as well. So I have three interview in two days and not a thing to wear! Argh!
I found something cheesy today on the web, at the official Misfits website (i.e. new Misfits w/out Danzig) there is a video you can download where they cover "Monster Mash" with Jerry Only singing. And in the video it has clips from a halloween special that was made by the people that do the Rudolph special, with the kooky stop motion animation. It's pretty funny.

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