Thursday, 31 May 2001

Still haven't quite mustered up the energy to post review on Epinions, overwhelmed with the amount of choices. So impressed with others' writing there and at that I feel extremely self-conscious about my own!!! However I have recieved a couple of complementary e-mails that truly brightened my day. Good old me, ever-seeking approval.

Another bright spot for me this week occured on BART. It was commute time, packed, lots of people standing. A seat opened up equally near to me and another woman. I eyeballed it, nearly took it, thought "well I have been sitting on my ass all day", said to the woman "would you like to sit there?". Astonished, she said "If you wouldn't mind..." I really felt like she was utterly surprised and it felt nice to be unselfish. I always find that stuff like "random acts of kindness" sounds real cornball, but there is an element of truth in it. The woman smiled at me real big later on when I was exiting the train. It's nice to think that though she may never see me again she might recall me as the daffy broad with the big honkin' tattoo who was polite to her at commute time.

Saturday, 26 May 2001

Unfortunately my nephew's band's first gig was cancelled because their bass player flaked. Actually my nephew sounded a bit relieved about the whole thing, I guess he didn't really feel ready yet. They will have another chance next month.
Found another site to write on, Epinions. You can review movies, cd's, whatever. I did my part for The Process, gave their album a good review. (I am such a big Process WHORE). Hopefully it doesn't let the label know that a review was posted... don't really want to hear from my old employer, lol. I would have given The Rats a shout out, but they didn't seem to be on there. I was all filled with delusions of grandeur like I'm gonna review this and this and this then I sat down to do so and enthusiasm waned almost instantly. Oh well, guess you have to be in the mood.

On Written By Me I was publishing this story that I have been working on forever. It's kinda cool to see what people have to say about it. I can't link to the exact page because I didn't write down the exact address... anyhoo

Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Hey hey, birthday... was sung to at work! Embarassing but sweet.

Monday, 21 May 2001

what the---? heck? crazy computer
Tomorrow is my birthday. My twenty-seventh birthday. Birthdays suck more and more as you get older. I mean, who cares, it's just another year passing. Blah blah blah. Rotten mood. Sorry.

Saturday, 19 May 2001

Folding laundry, I hear some guy talking to the men who live next store. The guys voice is so familiar. SO FAMILIAR! I am wracking my brain (is that how you spell it? wracking?) trying to think who it is that he sounds like...someone from TV...oh my god DON KNOTTS! Mr Furley himself is next door for all I know. Okay, it's probably not really him, but a girl can dream- can't she? Hey, he and Steve Buscemi should appear in a film together as father and son. And Illena Douglas could be the sister...

Wednesday, 16 May 2001

ooh just found cool site. is cool because i love london and will never be able to afford to visit again. i found it because i was reading about a divorce lawyer there who advertises on billboards reading "ditch the bitch" or "all men are bastards". i like that. sorry, cannot explain sudden lapse into e.e. cummings lack of caps. be thankful for proper punctuation. does anyone else read this, i wonder? ("I just did, unfortunately"- someone who is bored to tears) god i hope not. holy crap it took me like three tries to get that site to link. must find less mind-numbing hobbies.
Am having fun at work for the most part but sort of stressed about all the new stuff I am trying to learn all at once. I suppose it means I'm doing good, if they're giving me all these extra responsibilities, but I still worry about screwing up. It is a foreign thing to me to be rewarded for a job well done. Based on the fact that all the jobs I had before were utter shite. I love shit with an e on the end. Nice and cockney, or something.
Was all gung ho about being the only family member going to my nephew's band's first gig in Lodi. But then tried to print driving directions on yahoo maps and d'oh! Very confusing. Cue the Creedence "oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again..." I wonder how they will sound. It's a punk show but my nephew seems to be into pop-punk. Maybe it's his age? I played him Misfits once, and some Damned- seemed to be okay with it, a little Social Distortion- looked at me like he smelled something funny. Liked the Oozzies. I found it odd to give the Damned an endorsement to him by saying "well, the Offspring covered them". Street-cred for the teen crowd. Am taken aback each time I see my nephew, he's taller and taller and suddenly sounding very deep-voiced. Not quite Barry White, but still. Feel old. My niece, the last time they came out for visit, was wearing Miss Lee Press-on Nails and eyeshadow. Am freaking out right now about the passing of time in case you couldn't tell.

Tuesday, 15 May 2001

Otherwise nice day somewhat marred by driving around in circles looking for parking spot in Oakland. For at least a half an hour. Might have had more options were I not the worlds worst parallel parker. Actually made attempt at tight spot, but then, nah...drove around some more. Later drove past same spot and saw someone else struggling with it. Feeling vindicated, I headed for an uphill-facing spot with plenty of space to pull in and make corrections. I am the type who will park blocks away to avoid parallel parking and yet will still bitch about having to walk that far. Then of course when I arrive at my destination there is an empty spot RIGHT IN FRONT!

Monday, 14 May 2001

Spoke to TD today and oh, sweet mystery of life- felt absolutely no emotion toward him whatsoever. Blessed relief! Wasn't even jealous when he confirmed the goth chick girlfriend. Had momentary sense of "what did I see in him..." followed by rare flash of self-esteem "I could do better...". Feeling free to write this as I know he will never bother to look up my website. Of if he did, the likelyhood of him reading it...slim to none. Can purge all gross feelings now, but to my surprise all former feelings are dead and buried. Have grown and moved on. Who would have thought?
ANNOYANCE FOR THE WEEK: the Process played and I didn't even realize it! Missed it completely! D'oh!
HAPPY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK : I actually like my job!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My nephew's first gig! His band, Fall-out, is playing in Lodi May 25th!
GLAD THAT: I'm able to read on BART without getting sick. Doubly good because I'm addicted to the book I'm reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers. Triply good because now I can avoid that pesky eye-contact with strangers thing (not a very social creature I guess. Unless drunk.)
NERVOUS ABOUT: Seeing nice guy I kissed and much older bartender I have inexplicably crush on during our traditional after-work Friday thang at the Leopard.
TIRED OF: typing in all caps
hoping that: this will post and publish instead of just posting like it's been doing lately...

Sunday, 6 May 2001

Have spent entirely too much time on the computer today as I have been scanning in my drawings and other stuff and posting a whole section on my website for those drawings. ( Was going to link to it from here but apparently ye olde blogger is tempermental about linking to geocities stuff. So best to look at my homepage link at bottom). These are the things we do when we have no life. Or maybe I'm just antisocial and weird, who knows.
Yesterday I hung out with Marcus. Watched "the Virgin Suicides" and "Almost Famous". Felt like crap on account of after-work drinks the night before. Must watch alcohol intake on empty stomach. Is all a blur except for coworkers daughter giving me the marichino (however you spell it) cherry out of her Shirley Temple (what a sweetie) and later high-fiving office manager in regards to mutual admiration of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Err...