Saturday, 26 May 2001

Unfortunately my nephew's band's first gig was cancelled because their bass player flaked. Actually my nephew sounded a bit relieved about the whole thing, I guess he didn't really feel ready yet. They will have another chance next month.
Found another site to write on, Epinions. You can review movies, cd's, whatever. I did my part for The Process, gave their album a good review. (I am such a big Process WHORE). Hopefully it doesn't let the label know that a review was posted... don't really want to hear from my old employer, lol. I would have given The Rats a shout out, but they didn't seem to be on there. I was all filled with delusions of grandeur like I'm gonna review this and this and this then I sat down to do so and enthusiasm waned almost instantly. Oh well, guess you have to be in the mood.

On Written By Me I was publishing this story that I have been working on forever. It's kinda cool to see what people have to say about it. I can't link to the exact page because I didn't write down the exact address... anyhoo

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