Friday, 28 December 2007

Too Much Booty in the Pants

Again, I've no idea what I am going to wear once I take a shower. Cuz I am not fitting into stuff plus I really need to do some laundry. But I am excited today because I am going to get a new tattoo that I have been wanting for a long time.

So yeah this is a bit of a pointless post, here is a picture for ya...Piggy and Kermie in a shotgun wedding heh:

I got Muppets season two for xmas whoo whoo

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Bad Santa

If you have not seen Bad Santa, and you know me and fall into the same sense of humor category, it is a must-see!

You know, I have always felt that life is just high school bullshit all over again on a much grander scale. And that has proven to be so this year, ironically involving people I knew in high school. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. Lets put all the dumb ass crap behind us and have a happy 2008.

Why is it when I am happy I tend to gain weight? I've gone up a whole pants size this year whooha

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Bitches and Money

Dear those of you who write "please ask for id" on the back of your credit card:

If you're gonna do that, at least have the fucking id handy. Don't make everybody wait while you dig through your bag to find the seperate coin purse that you keep it in. Also, while you're at it, don't thank mefor asking in such a grand manner as though you expected initially that I was unable to read the simplest words and phrases. I think you are a wee bit paranoid. I'm sorry you have such a hard time keeping track of your credit cards that you expect the one you have inside a wallet inside a purse inside a voluminous fucking tote bag to be snatched by someone.

I am a little sick of the Christmas shoppers in case you couldn't tell.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

well whoooooooooooohooooo

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I was afraid it would rain. It didn't. This was good because I needed to do my laundry. I ended up going to a different laundromat than I usually do. It's called Highlander Coin Laundry, which makes me think it is owned by someone who could only be killed by decapitation. I went really early, and there was no one there (at least til this Richard Dreyfuss in the Goodbye Girl looking fellow came in) There were plenty of washers and lots of space. And best yet, it is in a little shopping complex with a Happy Donut. So yeah, that was cool and I've been done with chores since 10:45 and had all day to read Invisible Monsters and mess around the internet. Now I'ma dye my hair and take a shower. BUH BYE.

Dear Dad- I miss you, I love you, Happy BIrthday