Wednesday, 19 September 2001

What a fucking world we live in. I'm sorry I don't have words to say that more eloquently but what an ugly fucking world.

I haven't been able to write due to moving and now I don't even know what to say. Every little regular concern that I've had just seem so petty in light of everything else that is going on.

My mother is worried about me working in San Francisco since it is a major city, and I figured well that's her being overly protective. But then my brother-in-law starts saying the same thing. But what is the point in being scared. I go to pick up the mail at the TransAmerica building and it's so weird, you can only go in through the one entrance and there's security guards right at the door. You have to sign in and out. BART has at least 2 cops at every station. Shit, we went to fuckin' Chevy's and there were police in there. It is just so surreal. And it's freaking everybody out.

Tuesday, 4 September 2001


we are going to move in two weeks
I have had enough moving to last two lifetimes

the person I thought was different was actually the same, if that's vague enough. I am feeling too jaded to be excited about anything (or anyone) these days.

It is difficult to write when I am in such a pissy mood.
i'M WHINING like a whiny little beee-otch and i didn't mean to press the caps lock button a second ago. Double doodoo.

Sooo anyways.