Thursday, 10 September 2009


Unemployment is starting to get the better of me. I feel blue a lot, and useless. And completely unmotivated. I realize that a lot of people are in the same position, and that just makes me feel worse. At least we don't have kids to support or anything. Okay, enough complaining.

Today I have to get the twins from school, and take them home. I can't believe they are already in 6th grade. Their principal is my seventh grade teacher. What goes around comes around. It is a nightmare trying to park around the school, and then it is worse trying to leave after everyone has come out and is milling around. I don't know how people handle doing that every day. We have been trading off picking them up, because my sister had a fainting seizure and they weren't sure what caused it. So she is not driving until they figure it out.

I thought perhaps if I started blogging again I would get into it and get into trying to be amusing. But lately I am Senorita Complainsalot. Meh.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Unemployed again, naturally...

I haven't blogged on her in ages...I am unemployed once again and having bad luck finding a job. I am assigning myself a blog a day until I find one. Like a homework assignment over the summer when you are in school. What?

Tikka, our younger cat, is VERY STRANGE

T is the doggiest cat I have ever seen. She chases her own tail, in several circles, at least once a day. She has a stuffed animal (a little dog) that she carries around and gnaws on. It is almost as big as she is. One day she came trotting out holding it by the crotch and tripping over it every few steps. The oddest thing she has done recently is batting around a penny, then picking it up in her mouth and transporting it into the bathroom. Then spitting it out and batting it around again. Minka looks at her like she is insane, and I think Mink might be right. Three times she has stolen a rubber duck off the window sill and then hid it under the bathmat. She has taken to napping inside the bathroom sink. She follows Minka and then stares at her when she is taking a crap. Four times she has had the dingleberries because she has long hair, and then she drags her butt across the floor. She is a dog in a cat's body, I swear.

Sorry if I sound like crazy cat lady, but we have no kids.

I have started watching really awful television

This woman is the biggest asshole. I swear I keep watching Bridezillas in the hope that one of the douche grooms will man up and tell the bitch to hit the road. Why is that behavior tolerated? Why do people want to marry when it is clear that they will be miserable forever? Why do I continue to watch programming that makes me want to punch something.

Lately, we watch Hoarders on A&E, which initially made me feel better about my pack-rat over sentimentality about certain items. I was nowhere near as bad as these people. Lately I have to avert my eyes to avoid gagging. There was a person who had so much food hoarded that there was rotten putrescent gunk everywhere. And then there was the true crazy cat lady, 35 cats were rescued from her home alive. 41 carcasses were found under piles of debris. So now it doesn't make me feel better so much as make be feel bummed out. Most people are a mental case in one way or another.