Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Dogs that look like Mussolini

Cats that look like Hitler

especially this one:

do you suppose they painted that hairline in? anyway...weird

i am so stressed about money and such that everything is taking on that slightly surreal tone that life takes on when i am about to freak out...Lis is going to sell the house after all, i don't know where i am going to live, i don't know why i am not using caps for I, i have a cold and i can tell it's that lame kind you get just because you are stressed to the max

i had a nice time in SF though... Kit was very fun, I took him to see the pirates...Louie made us free delicious sandwiches and gave us these free tickets he got to Love, Janis...third row...very good acting and singing it gave me the shivers...i honestly only know a couple Janis Joplin songs but the band and singer were pretty cool. We were sitting next to a girl who said her name was Compost. She was sharing with us this banana bread that tasted very yummy until she told us her name.

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kookychick252 said...

i dunno why that cat pic didn't post anyway its the one on there that looks like Mr Bigglesworth painted up with a hitler moustache and crooked dark hairline