Monday, 24 July 2006

Coocoooooooon (cuckoo'in')

one of my favorite ways to spend my day off... if it is too stinking hot to go to stay inside with a fan blowin' and drink and screw around on the internet, read, watch movies and cocoon, curl up in a lil ball like nothing else matters... but damnit i was just in the kitchen and heard ma sisters phone....some fools are coming here at 4pm to look at the house shitandpiss i gotta clean
my room

that sucks

and i'm hoooooongry
i want something spicy
blah blah blooey

i wanna work for VH1 cuz you know those peeps are sitting around drunk as skunks and reminiscking about dippy stuff...laughing at silly shit... that is the channel that best compares to my brain i think

my roomate is either dead or sulking in his room, he was pissed about some unknown thing yesterday and i am tired of that.. if i am down i may vent here or talk to someone i know would be supportive but i don't go around acting a right bitch to people i have no choice but to see on a daily basis cuz who wants to suck them into drama you know? he is the girliest man i have even met. i'm mean to say that but i am mean anyways so take it or leave it..heheh i have an excuse this week though ("eeeewww" says any male that might be reading this).

oh yeah
i bought one of those Memory Foam pillows, it's okay, it doesn't work that great for me cuz i am one to sleep on my side with the arm of the side I am sleeping on shoved up under the pillow...but let me tell you here and now, my cat (Minka) loves that fucking thing. She is in seventh heaven on that foam. sorry for cussing i like to cuss, does that sound affected? I just like it.

and let me add a wrinkle to my statement about VH1..i am down except for My Fair Brady
i prefer to keep that guy in his pork chops and applesauce mode forever

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Randal is my homeboy

I know it got some horrible reviews but I'm here to tell ya I loved Clerks II. That is all I am here to tell ya cuz it's hot and I'm too tired to form logical sentences...goodnight!

Friday, 21 July 2006


I'm pretty easygoing but today i walked into the kitchen and the TV was on, the pieces of shit that moved into Laci Peterson's house are going to give an exclusive tour to some fucking leech from the media.. people are making money off that poor girl and her baby ....fucking animals...and that stupid cunt he had an affair with had to write her book or more than likely put her name on something that was ghostwritten...people bought it, people are sick. And a big fuck you to that rotten fuck Mark Geragos while I'm at it...and that looney person with the Scott is innocent website...

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Dogs that look like Mussolini

Cats that look like Hitler

especially this one:

do you suppose they painted that hairline in? anyway...weird

i am so stressed about money and such that everything is taking on that slightly surreal tone that life takes on when i am about to freak out...Lis is going to sell the house after all, i don't know where i am going to live, i don't know why i am not using caps for I, i have a cold and i can tell it's that lame kind you get just because you are stressed to the max

i had a nice time in SF though... Kit was very fun, I took him to see the pirates...Louie made us free delicious sandwiches and gave us these free tickets he got to Love, Janis...third row...very good acting and singing it gave me the shivers...i honestly only know a couple Janis Joplin songs but the band and singer were pretty cool. We were sitting next to a girl who said her name was Compost. She was sharing with us this banana bread that tasted very yummy until she told us her name.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Stuff for you to do

rearrange my face:

wonder what the hell this is:

notice that minka is a star:

make waves with Audrey:

there is other cool stuff at that site, like a board that anyone can draw on, but i think it will throw my sidebar all out of whack so maybe i will just put on at USP


Saturday, 1 July 2006

Anti-social again...Plus: religion and penises

I went out with Chuck for the day but the truth is other than work, I just like to be at home...Whether sitting in the sun reading, or (more often really) screwing around on the computer... I'll blame my dentist... Because of the vicodin... Now I just like to relax...

We saw Superman Returns, I liked it... Good decision to use the John Williams score cuz that definitely pushed it over the edge into liked-it-ville... I mean parts were a little slow... but all of the actors in it were very good... I was surprised, I expected not to like the be-wigged Lois Lane, but I liked her... and it was smart to go with a relative unknown for Supes himself... and the dedication at the end to Christopher and Dana Reeve...class act all the way.

Oh man, my cousin that just had a baby, her mother is having a fit because she (her husband mainly) refuses to have the baby's totally weird because she and the husband go to church and all but the husband says that he wants to let their kid decide in her own time what religion she will be...the reason that is odd to me is because religion annoys me a lot of the time but if I had a kid, I would baptize it.. just the ceremony, it seems traditional like a rite of passage and a time for the family to meet the lil I would rather appease my family then have them all up in arms thinking that we are all going to Hell.... what's the harm in a baptism it's not like the kid is not allowed to explore any other religion in adulthood just because they were baptized as an infink. Here is the funniest part... my cousins mother (who is also my cousin, i know but i am trying to be specific enough so's that the casual reader doesn't get confused, good luck huh) and my mother plan to covertly baptize the kid... at first I thought my mother meant they were gonna kidnap the baby and sneak it to a church but all she meant was they are going to say a little prayer and splash water on her lil baby head... now that to me smacks of stupid-stition- but, whatever...I mean it is rather cuckoo when you think about it... I wonder if they will use tap? HEHEH I just hope my mother isn't vehemently pro-circumsion, because if i ever have a son, he is keeping his foreskin, thank you very much, and I hate to think of my mother and cousin absconding with the baby, rubbing alcohol, and a manicure scissors.