Sunday, 15 June 2003

Holy sheeit I haven't written in such a long time!

Let's see today is father's day... so I am missing my dad. Other than that, I am in a pretty good mood for a change. I have been in a funk since last friday night. Kris and I went to Jack London Square. We met Bono from U2. Kris was drunk and very rude to him, which irritated me. I wasn't going to say anything to him at all because I figured that celebrities get sick of people coming up and bugging them all the time. I was waiting for Kris outside of a restaurant that he went in to take a piss, and Bono walked out. And he stood around for a bit with these odd chicks and it turned out they had sent their friend to get a camera or something. Anyway Kris came out and said oh lets say hello and then he drunkedly acted like a jerk calling him Bone-o and saying he looked taller on stage etc. Bono like a true gentleman ignored Kris and took my hand in introduction and kissed it. That fixed Kris's little red wagon, dinnit? Bono is cool.
Anyways Kris got drunker and drunker and he is like fucking Jekyll and Hyde and unless he quits drinking I am though with him.
Kris was good and nice this week and only drank beer and not in mass quantities either. Then he ruined it again this weekend. I don't even want to go in to details and he is asleep right now and I am going to let him sleep until he is a decent human being again. Wanker.
So i finally feel better and got a little cleaning done around the apartment (did like 5 loads of laundry, i need to get rid of some clothes and i can never decide which.)
so...that's that then