Monday, 29 October 2001

Well I just posted my pictures of my Halloween costume on my home page. I would link or post one right here but I forget how and I am damn lazy. I was going to email one of the photos like a Halloween greeting but I tried it and it didn't work. Curse my online provider.

Me and Marcus got tickets for the Misfits, MISFITS- woo-hoo! Well really it's only Jerry Only (whoa, did that make sense?) but he'll do a few of the old tunes... plus there is Marky Ramone and Robo from Black Flag. Kind of like a punk rock version of Ringo and his All-Starr Band. We have to go down to Anaheim for the show. So maybe we could go to Disneyland??? We are seeing a few of his friends in San Diego the night before. Hopefully his friend Valerie could cut my hair. Or curl it or something. It is boring me. I change my hair often like Madonna. Not because I aspire to be like Madonna or anything, I'm just fickle about it.

Anyway...HAPPY HALLOWEEN pretty soon. I don't know how well that costume is gonna fly at work. Kinda shows a lot of boobie.

Monday, 22 October 2001

I had a really fun time at Ana's on Saturday. Lo and behold, a fun weekend. Just hangin' around.

Today at work the atmosphere was....uh...mass hysteria! Eric is not there and then everybody flips out. I think he is afraid of becoming expendable so he doesn't train anybody else to cover his duties. And then, apart from everyone pulling their hair out going "what do I do?" there is this palpable sense of "let's all just screw around all day". Anthony must have crept up behind me about 4 times. And I didn't even hear him. And then all of a sudden he is whispering in my ear and I am jumping out of my skin. and holy shit just now I was attacked by my frickin' computer. It always pops up this thing about "do you want to watch the Windows Media blah blah blah tutorial" and usually I'm like "later" but this time it was all "hey hey" and the damn thing just started playing and I couldn't make it stop for like a couple minutes. It's like showing families and crap and what I am actually listening to in the background is all "die die die, my darling..." makes an interesting video. I guess.

Friday, 19 October 2001

Well tomorrow a BBQ with Ana.

Today I was feeling blue.

So anyway I thought "why not try to write?"

And now, I'm thinkin' "why bother?"

My story has become tiresome, now is the time on "Sprockets" when we dance!

Oooh everybody Drew Barrymore diary on MTV. She seems like a nice gal.

Yesterday I tried on a corset, a leather dominatrix type thingy. It belongs to my friend, Lisa. It is for use under my Vampira costume. I tried it at work and wore it for a while. With it real tight I had bizarre Barbie sort of proportions. And felt taller, for some reason. A little looser, and it was comfortable. It kind of supported my lower back and made my posture nicer. It was pretty cool. About three coworkers felt compelled to grab me by the waist. That livened up my boring Thursday.

Wednesday, 17 October 2001

So now I finally have my very own computer. With free AOL. Not to sure about this AOL. Everything looks tiny. Or maybe it's my screen.

Monday, 15 October 2001

Well I was wondering what the band Anthrax was thinking these days, in light of recent events. "If an Anthrax member gets Anthrax, call Alanis Morissette. That would be ironic. Don't you think?" Hey yeah they're still a barrel of laughs. Even without the damned Bermuda shorts, or whatever. This was my favorite band when I was about 15.

They won't give me the freakin' day off during the week. Shit! Maybe it's time to explore other options or somethin' like that.

Hung out with my friend Cleo on Saturday. Posed for our 1st picture together since we were about 17. I'll post it when I get it developed, maybe. Ya know, then and now... that sorta thing.

Saturday, 6 October 2001

Well. I haven't been very into using the computer or even writing at all lately. Between work and unpacking and moving furniture and being stressed out, I have only had the energy to stare blankly at the TV screen. And usually I am watching 'Match Game PM' for some reason. Whatever happened to Charles Nelson Reilly? Man, you gotta love that Game Show Network.

The only thing I'm kinda sorta looking forward to right now is Halloween. I'm going as Vampira.

I am going to ask at work if I can go ahead and work on Saturdays and have a day off during the week. Because that way I would have one less day of a crowded commute and one day with the house to myself. Which might be the key to preserving my sanity at this point.

It won't matter about missing a Saturday, it's not like I have had any really great dates lately and a lot of guys work on the weekends too, and stuff. What the hell kind of sentence structure was that? What am I, 8 years old all of a sudden? Probably the most annoying thing about going out with guys at this point is it is making me think about the-person-I-formerly-thought-I-was-over. What are you doing popping up in my brain again, damn it. It probably doesn't help that I am staying friends with Marcus. I mean it isn't fair to Marcus at all but he makes me think about Todd more often than I would if I didn't have him for a friend. Which is stupid and so annoying. I guess the Todd was really the first time I had ever been really in love. Because I have never been so stupid and hung-up and lame in regard to a guy otherwise. I was actually glad that when we saw the Damned they didn't play any songs from 'Strawberries' because that album really makes me think of Todd. That, Creedence, and John Denver (don't ask...). Maybe I am thinking of him again just because now is a sad time in everybody's lives, not just mine. And it is making me lonesome for him. And I am missing my Dad a lot, too, and wondering what he would've thought about all this.