Wednesday, 31 May 2006


I am feeling all discombobulated so I am just going to type out random stuff to get it out of my brain
i am so irritated, well not really, it's par for the course these days but i was able to comment on buzznet then i posted a picture and couldn't comment afterward well piss on it

really weird thing happened monday night, at midnight the sheriffs dept knocked on our door (probably wouldn't have, now that i think about it, but for the fact that my light was on) they started asking questions about the lady next door...when did we last see her, etc...her husband was abusive and they were about to divorce.... we were so afraid that the police were there because she was missing or found dead. they said no, but we were thinking maybe they couldn't divulge that information....we were very freaked out after they left. The next day we found out it was the mean husband who was dead, and they were trying to find next of kin to notify. He killed himself by driving drunk... and before that, he trashed their house that they were trying to sell. but in a way it is better because she was apparently thinking on getting back together with him
lis found us a roomate by posting a personal ad, on the blind date the guy could tell she was still all fucked up about her last relationship, so he said you just need a friend, then as it turned out he needed a place to she said move in
she came home and told me and i thought holy fuck this is nuts, she said God answered her prayers...i need to watch life of brian repeatedly to cleanse myself of her Jesus freak-ee-ness...besides the point, i thought oh shit, he came over with his roomate that was moving away...seem like two sane persons... i feel okay about it, i mean if she gets to keep the house and yeah well this means i can move on without feeling like she is relying on me, not that i wanted her to rely on me, but i get these guilty feelings....anyway i am rambling
don't worry about me, i am distrustful almost to a fault and there is no way anyone is pulling the wool over my eyes... but in a sense i think it will be fun to have a roomate that was someone i didn't know beforehand.. i think it might work okay....out mother of course is having a conniption fit (however you spell that and whatever it really means ) about the whole thing
but that is another thing that is par for the course
sorry for all the golf terms, or that golf term anyway, the one i just repeated

pete and repeat when into a bar
pete came out
who was left
pete and repeat went into a bar

it's probably re-pete huh> i always fuck up jokes...well it is probably better out loud ohhhh man

hey i finished the book i was reading, Miss New York Has Everything....i liked it
emotional father stuff at the end though
now i just started Vernon God Little
like you care
well, you are mildly interested, if you are still reading this by now
or else you are reading this thinking what an egomaniacal asshole and spitting at your computer and calling me dumb bitch....

today at work a lady said "how fucking rude!" and i thought she was saying it to me so i looked at her, alarmed, thinking what'd i do? and it turned out she was saying it towards the assholey guy that was rude to my coworker and then left, he probably heard her and thought she was saying it to me, too.... well it turned out she is a clerk to and said that she always feels like saying that to people that she deals with, and she obviously can't at work unless she wants to get fired. So it was kind of a catharsis for her. She said "lets face it, none of us really want to work so why should some asshole come in and make our day more miserable." this was a cool lady that i would hang out with, 'cept i didn't catch her name. And oddly, i do like my low-paying job. she could come work with me. I like crap jobs cause you can talk shit to other coworkers without getting in trouble, cuz even your managers agree that everything is pretty much bullshit. at smaller companies, you can't even vent cuz the person making up the crappy stupid rules will get wind of it. and that is just frustrating. but i digress....

here is silly pop-cultural thing just so i am not so personal and specific about my life...i got the dvd for Clueless because i think that movie is very sweet and clever, and i wonder why alicia silverstone isn't doing many movies because she is a very pretty charming girl... well this dvd had extras that were actually entertaining and i think that the director/writer Amy Heckerling is one of cutest people ever... i mean i love her personality and look...she has shortish wild dark hair (kinda like Tim Burton) thinnish eyebrows and tons of eyeliner...she wears layers of clothes, mostly dark, along the lines of Allison in the Breakfast Club...and she is the type of person that you can tell stays close friends with people, is loyal, and is not afraid to be very honest and compliment people sincerely as well... i can tell this from dvd extras for i am Spartacus

i went to the dentist finally after many many years.. i could tell i had a cavity due to the pain and also the large hole in my tooth....they took x-rays... he said my teeth were all doing quite well with the exception being that one in particular... he said the root looked infected so he's got me on amoxicillin and then in two weeks i get a root canal. and a thousand dollar bill cuz my insurance sucks donkeys but oh well, what is one more debt when you are already swimming in debt... the more the merrier i say... screw it lets file for bankruptcy... this of course is the vicodin talking.. dentist prescribed that too.... I'm rather enjoying it.

Sunday, 14 May 2006


This morning I was puzzled to find a book of erotica on the kitchen table. I was further puzzled to notice that it was erotica intended for "women of color". The story of the Sisters of APF (Alpha Phi Fuckem) it said...part of the Velvet Jones collection maybe??

I had to ask...Lis explained that Rick...the man who was helping with the yardwork and painting of the house and volunteered to drive her around looking at apartments...gave her the book, saying "i bought this but it is meant for women" and apparently she didn't really look at it til this morning. Um HELLO wake up, did I mention also that Rick is married? Lis, get rid! This is further proof to my theory that a lot of men that offer to do nice things for you don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts so much as the hardness of their cocks...that was really rude to say I apologize, but what an ass....hope Lis doesn't get fished in...

Last night I had the most bizarro dream, it went on forever and ever and it was about a family that had septuplets that, in certain versions, went missing...were kidnapped...sailed away unattended in a small boat...I say certain versions because the dream was variously live action, animated, and drawings as in a picture book- with narration. The mother was portrayed by Perdita of 101 Dalmatians, a nondescript drawn woman, and Hillary Swank. The only person I knew in it was an elderly fellow that was very kind to me in the photo lab that day, he appeared in the dream as in investigator. Perdita called a group of people "bastards" how un-Disney of her...the rest of the dream is fading away...


Thursday, 11 May 2006

Gatorade is Thirst Aid

for that deep-down body thirst

sorry it's just that I am thirsty and that keeps popping into my head...that reminds me of an article years years years ago in US magazine about that dipshit Kato Kaelin and it said during the interview he admitted that sometimes the words "A Quinn Martin Production" would pop into his head, "unbidden" and it "spooked" him. Here I am years later remembering the details of some article about some asshole and I can't even remember important stuff.

cool news...the nephew got a new job teachin' peeps how to play the gee-tar!

I miss my Bay Area family/friends so much today...I am not going to see my mother on mother's day and I feel bad about it..I have to fucking work. They gave me a raise though...but still

holy fuck a catfight is going on outside! loudly! I looked at Minka and she wasn't even fazed...she was laying on the bed facing the other direction and she just leisurely turned her ears backward to hear it...i wish i had her laid back attitude

I think I will not be a butt and go ahead and eventually (in the next couple years) get married... married and unmarried people now this is your invitation to weigh in with your pros and cons:

feel free y'all...spill it, that is what the comments section is for:

okay see it's like this, my boyfriend from years and years ago that asked me to marry him years long ago that i was totally not into getting married and then i broke up with him...anyway we are friends again and get along well and he is a good person, he would be kind and not a cheat or a drunk...
this is my pros and cons:

i'm not totally crazy about him CON
i'm not TOTALLY CRAZY about him PRO
i am tired of feeling lost and without a home so getting married would give me a sense of belonging PRO
he is very family-oriented PRO
he already knows all my bad crap from the past PRO
and is used to my stupid mood swings and bullshit PRO
and i am getting better about that anyway PRO
i think i do want to have kids...if only the world wasn't so messed up PRO CON CONPRO now excuse me while my head explodes

see i am always into relationships with unhealthy drama and i think it is time to grow up and move past that...i dunno
full moon fever i tell ya

Sunday, 7 May 2006

Every Day Like the One Before

Me an' Chuck saw Beauty and the Beast last night, a play of it I mean...

Saturday, 6 May 2006


I love that bad?
I love Olivia Newton-John
I love ELO
I love Gene Kelly
I love bad eighties fashions
I love taking pictures of the TV
I love when you have something in common pop-culturally with people you don't even know very well or people far makes you feel a bit more like it's a small world or something

I know it's cornball but it makes me happy....

Friday, 5 May 2006

I'm losing it

I just finished with my room and it is pretty goddamn clean and empty, so I turn to Minka , put my hand on her tiny shoulder and say "this is lookin' pretty good, innit? We've gonna get shit-faced tonight, so get ready". I guess I will get shit-faced and she'll be strung out on catnip. In 'celebration'

Now it's off to work :P

Tuesday, 2 May 2006


I don't have FAQ's I just have FAAAAACK!

I just scrubbed scrubbed and scrubbed the sink and countertop in the bathroom.

Today was mildly surreal...I saw a girl holding a baby and thought, wow she is holding it clumsily and ought to support its neck...then I realized it was a doll. So I assumed she had some kind of "home- eck!" class like we had back inte day except we had eggs not babydolls how quaint.. Then this couple that looked about 15, at least judging by the acne of the boyfriend in question came to use the KPT (Kodak Picture Maker blah blah fooforah) and they had a stroller, a pram really.. I thought oh, they must be in the same class... I snuck a peek...yeah that's a they went full out borrowing that nice baby carriage and all... then the girl leaned over the carriage and said something along the lines of she really really went all out I thought, then I looked at the dolly's little foot and it kicked into the air...and the dolly gurgled, for it was not a dolly but a real live baby. (sorry for any bad punctuation)

I also must relate to you the stupid cell phone conversation of the guy next to me on the bus part of the trip back from Southern California.... well I will type for you what I remember of this side of the conversation...I'm a cruel chick...but fair

"So (girl's name) took us to this gay bar, dude, I saw like,... transvestites and ...drag queens. We didn't pay for any drinks all night!! Yah!! it was like being a chick at a regular bar!!"

later, to a girl who obviously didn't seem to care too much for him

"so, what are you up to now, still waitressing?"


"you're a stripper!!!"

"are you serious?"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!??"


"oh, you are being sarcastic"

"I didn't know you had taken your sarcasm to that level"

at which point I put on my walkman, prior to that I was diggin' what the bus driver played, but stupidissimo ruined it for me cuz then I had to sit there about to giggle....

later, on the train, he had the seat in front of me. I have the walkman earphones which stick in your ears and i had taken them off to better enjoy my nutritious dinner of a Velveeta-stuffed pretzel and Bud Light...he turned to me and said "this is kind of a random question, but, can I buy your headphones off of you?" no, I said (there was about 3 and a half hours to go) i just bought these, I explained. "oh, well can I like rent them for a while?" NO I DON'T WANT YOUR FILTHY EARWAX ON 'EM i thought as i said nah I am about to listen to them again when i finish eating. "oh" he said dejectedly, "well, it was worth a shot"