Thursday, 11 May 2006

Gatorade is Thirst Aid

for that deep-down body thirst

sorry it's just that I am thirsty and that keeps popping into my head...that reminds me of an article years years years ago in US magazine about that dipshit Kato Kaelin and it said during the interview he admitted that sometimes the words "A Quinn Martin Production" would pop into his head, "unbidden" and it "spooked" him. Here I am years later remembering the details of some article about some asshole and I can't even remember important stuff.

cool news...the nephew got a new job teachin' peeps how to play the gee-tar!

I miss my Bay Area family/friends so much today...I am not going to see my mother on mother's day and I feel bad about it..I have to fucking work. They gave me a raise though...but still

holy fuck a catfight is going on outside! loudly! I looked at Minka and she wasn't even fazed...she was laying on the bed facing the other direction and she just leisurely turned her ears backward to hear it...i wish i had her laid back attitude

I think I will not be a butt and go ahead and eventually (in the next couple years) get married... married and unmarried people now this is your invitation to weigh in with your pros and cons:

feel free y'all...spill it, that is what the comments section is for:

okay see it's like this, my boyfriend from years and years ago that asked me to marry him years long ago that i was totally not into getting married and then i broke up with him...anyway we are friends again and get along well and he is a good person, he would be kind and not a cheat or a drunk...
this is my pros and cons:

i'm not totally crazy about him CON
i'm not TOTALLY CRAZY about him PRO
i am tired of feeling lost and without a home so getting married would give me a sense of belonging PRO
he is very family-oriented PRO
he already knows all my bad crap from the past PRO
and is used to my stupid mood swings and bullshit PRO
and i am getting better about that anyway PRO
i think i do want to have kids...if only the world wasn't so messed up PRO CON CONPRO now excuse me while my head explodes

see i am always into relationships with unhealthy drama and i think it is time to grow up and move past that...i dunno
full moon fever i tell ya


hyena said...

if ya have to make a "pros/cons" list then i'd say wait. and as for kids, i believe the worlds a "little" too f*ed up to bring kids into it. but that's just me.

Alex said...

I think you'd make a good mom. Go for it. Otherwise, you'll always wonder What Might Have Been.