Saturday, 6 May 2006


I love that bad?
I love Olivia Newton-John
I love ELO
I love Gene Kelly
I love bad eighties fashions
I love taking pictures of the TV
I love when you have something in common pop-culturally with people you don't even know very well or people far makes you feel a bit more like it's a small world or something

I know it's cornball but it makes me happy....


Alex said...

Well, if you love ELO, you must be an Evil Woman.

Or at least a Sweet Talkin Woman.

ellie said...

i love your use of 'pop-culturally'.

judyfinkel said...

Dude, I can quote Xanadu word for word. I wanted to be O.N.J so bad.

kookychick252 said...

heheheh my 8th grade graduation hair was ONJ in Grease inspired and the dress was straight Xanadu...turquoise, shiny, and off the shoulder
or in one word...hideous!

not sure if i posted that on buzznet yet...hmmm