Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Buzznet Addict

I just went in to check on Buzznet and it is down for maintenance....NOOOOOOOOOOO! I am officially addicted. For me it's social. "demented and sad, but social". Another movie quote, I don't have an original thought in my head I guess...

The twins were very funny the other day...they are usually like me and don't like to talk on the phone for very long. But they just got back from Disneyland and both of them jabbered on a mile a minute for a long time. They were brave and went on the upside down roller coaster and even the Tower of Terror. Their favorite was the Jungle Cruise...my niece went in to a detailed description of each and every feature on it, and what the ride operator said, and she barely slowed down to catch her breath while talking. Then about halfway through describing it she said "oh, and they aren't real animals, they're mechanical!"

I was at my mother's house on Saturday for her birthday. She had a Playboy magazine (On a side note, my last boyfriend used to have a subscription to that, and though I like the articles - the articles are truly interesting much like the chicken at Hooters is actually very tasty indeed so it's not just all purely about looking at titties- if my mother was coming for a visit I would give him all the magazines and say "get this outta here!!!". But my mother's husband has a subscription and they leave em laying around like it was People magazine or something. I guess I have more of a stick up my butt then my mother these days and that's just sad. But the hairless women freak me out, what is up with completely shaved coochies that's a bit...I dunno, appealing to pedophiles...I like the classic pin ups like Bettie Page but I digress as usual...) anyway there was an article that contained a transcript of a tape that Marilyn Monroe had recorded for her psychiatrist...and I thought how fucked up it is that she told someone things in confidence and years later here it is for anyone to read. That was a superlong side note and a really brief main point to the paragraph heheheheh.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with buzznet for socializing. As long as you're additionally out there meeting people in the outside world you can have a good balance. :)


blister said...

yeah ... buzz addiction. the strange irony is that our obsession with checking out images and such is most likely going to burn out our retinas a few years from now.

my right foot is inexplicably twitching just now. i'm blaming that on dead-buzz, too.

i think i'd probably have a stick up my ass (stealing that phrase...) if my seniors had porn lying around the house. there's just something ... wrong about it being out in the open that way. maybe because then you don't get the freaked out fun of discovering it up the back of the laundry cupboard, or under a box of old china, or whatever. never read playboy, but i use a variant excuse about suicidegirls - i'm just checking out the ink. er.


anywho, the last three days my isp has been ignoring my calls so i'm way late in saying cheers for the code for twitchy blog imagining. dead useful once i start taking some 'proper' shots again. thanks for buzzing it to me.

and no worries about cafe-thing messing up the printing on NC. i had a lot of fun reading, once i'd worked out where to start. i totally didn't expect julie'd end up with matt, but i was seriously relieved that she didn't end up with any dodgy english guy.

so just how autobiographical is it?!

kookychick252 said...

Hooters is a restaurant chain where the waitresses are all hot young girls. I wouldn't even mind much except they make them wear outfits that aren't even cute (I am a failure as a feminist...I wouldn't care if the outfits were cute teehee) they have to wear orange polyester short shorts with suntan colored pantyhose underneath. And the logo is an owl as if that is what they really mean by hooters!

I'm glad you liked the story, I sort of feel embarassed of it for whatever reason...it's only maybe hmm 10-15% autobiographical. some characters were "inspired" by people I know/knew, and I like the dodgy Englishmen heheh. I started writing it when I was about 19 after seeing London...then it sat there for a long while....then I picked it back up again and finished the dang thing.

Alex Vance said...

Seems like Buzznet is always screwed up somehow.
Also, you should remember that "anti-social" is a very relative concept. You're much more social than I am. Aside from my Buzznet friends the only person I talk to is the little boy who lives in my stomach and says "redrum." And that gets boring real quick.

globalrenovation said...

And I thought Hooters was a place for owls to hang out.... life can be such a let down sometimes!

ellie said...

ooooh buzznet buggering (up) is a new frustration to life.

and yeah - it's like the elton song. she was put on a treadmill. fame sucks when it means that average joes believe they have the right to see deep into your soul. i can't listen to eltons marilyn song (not the diana one) cause it makes me cry.

and playboy. ew.

what's the story?