Friday, 2 December 2005

Benadryl plus a teensy bit of vodka

is the fabulous insomnia cure of the evening...

need to get off this computer post-haste because I am surrogate mom tonight, for a 16 year old...level headed but I'm the one around in case she gets into a scrape...hope she doesn't due to the aforementioned b & v...she is a smart cookie my niece but her mom, my sis, well if i was in her shoes (my niece...what am i saying heheheh) I would be rebelling big point is she has my phone number and I am dial up so I better bail in case she needs to call me...she's on a date, new guy.....good thing i don't have kids I would be too paranoid...blah blah

My own mother rules...her bday 2mrw so I am going to see her, she said she made the special winter soup she makes every year, niiiiice and also she bought brie and pepper jack and bread since she knew I'm comin' over...she knows I am starvin'! Happy birthday Mama!

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