Sunday, 18 December 2005

wigging out!

"I was also amused to note that Jodie Foster's hoop skirts were of considerably smaller circumference."
"Our commentaries disagree on the interpretation of this double-barreled retort."
et cetera, et fix up

In other news with regard to my questionable musical taste...we just got Neil Diamond tickets! So the whole Neil Diamond thing has come full circle (what whole Neil Diamond thing?)

me and you are subject to the blues now and then

Today at work I was going to buy some stuff before I left. Laundry detergent and that, and the lines were as long as a long thing that you could compare a line I went back to the photo lab to pay for my stuff, well my girl was helping at the "guest service" counter so I stood there a moment, hmm, should I go back to the lines and the young fellow who works on the floor said, oh, I can just ring you up if you are waiting to go. So he did and another young fellow came by and asked if he was training for the photo lab and he said "no, I'm just checking her out" and laughed then I grinned and grinned because it reminded me of Ghostbusters. "I'll take Miss Barret back to her apartment and check her out...I'll go check out Miss Barret's apartment!!" Other than that today it poured down buckets of rain, but my car seems to be running again so that's good. And I'm rambling on and onnnnn...


blister said...

planning on taking your check out guy to the diamond?

kookychick252 said...

heheh no when I say young fellow I mean younnnnng fellow I bet he's about 19 that guy.

heheheh my verification word is bidet but not