Wednesday, 21 December 2005

it's pouring rain again....

I can't believe how crazily it's raining, and one of my windshield wipers has had it---it's held together with a rubber band and I have to hurry and buy a replacement. Hope it doesn't rain on Christmas...I used to drive in the rain often when I was in college but I haven't done it in a while (on the freeway, at least).

I had my sister burn me a CD with some Christmas music on it, she has one of those Time Life collections with all kinds of songs...there is a 12 Days of Christmas that I don't know who is singing, but he sounds like Frasier, I mean Kelsey Grammer. It has a good mix of churchy songs and bubblegummy songs. She also had a CD of a childrens Christmas album that I had when I was little on 8-track's kids singing and pretty obnoxious but it made me sentimental...everything does these days.

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alexv said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, despite your outlaw inlaws.

By the way, I know what an unladen swallow is, but what is an elevated toad?