Thursday, 28 February 2002

Today I looked at the stats for my different web pages and found out that some of the phrases that people typed in search engines that brought up my website included "depressing photos", "aaaaaaaaahhhhh", and "I miss my ex- girlfriend". LOL that is kooky! Also I found out Ye Olde Geocities will not let me use the FTP unless I pay. I see how they're livin'. It would mean no more blog (unless I do that Blog*Spot?) well anyway I am gullible and thus within 72 hours it will be....! You know, I should have thought up a better name. D'oh!

Next week for Pollito's going-away we are all going out to a karaoke bar! Should be fun!

Monday, 25 February 2002

Well, I tried... she was on the computer too, I guess. All I got was a busy signal. I guess I will try her again tomorrow. All it means is she will have to drink all the booze herself, no big problem, eh? Anyway it wasn't the ex-girlfriend he was making fun of it was the other one... or something. She is his roomate, that's why he has to tell her his whereabouts. Actually they both are his roomates. He has a vast network of dumb ex-girlfriends like me.

Crap, Anthony is leaving next Wednesday. That is so soon, it sucks. Shit, oh well.
Ew this Instant Message crap is freaky. I was MYOB and all of a sudden Todd pops up and asks me to call his ex-girlfriend and tell him he will be back from Japan late. Sorry I just had to mention that because it scared the crap out of me for some reason!!! I didn't even know how that works and I didn't think I was set up to do that but I guess you are set up for it whether you like it or not.

Wednesday, 20 February 2002

Man now I need to type an extraneous sentence just to try and figure out what is wrong with the FTP! Shit, I am missing MATCH GAME PM! All because of the blanking FTP!
Puzzled and laughing out loud by email from ex-boyfriend making fun of his most recent ex-girlfriend by forwarding an email she sent him to everyone on his mailing list and making fun of how "stupid" she is. Holy crap thank goodness I haven't been sending him any dopey letters, thank God I am over the dopey-letter-writing phase with this guy, who knows who else would be reading them? (well, it's about the same as complete strangers reading this... actually). Wow that didn't seem like the guy I knew, but you can never really tell with guys, can ya? Anyway she just sounded silly and God knows I have sounded silly like that too. He told me he was never really into her but obviously he was into her just a bit if he cares so much what she is saying about her new paramours that he feels the need to be spiteful about it. Actually I was kind of happy to be privy to a little girl-bashing from a guy, men are endlessly interesting to me and I like to know what they are saying when they are being really honest. Hmm, that's interesting.

Oh, can it be true, my beloved 'OZ' has it's first season coming out on video? Yes it's true and how lame am I to be so pleased about it? But, oh... Adebisi... I am a pop cultural gal. LOL I just remembered my semi-roomate-by-accident Daryl once compared me favorably to my other roomate by saying I was "cultured". "Well... just pop culture," I said, and Daryl said "WELL, AT LEAST IT'S SOMETHING!" All mad-like. I appreciate complements so much, but I have never been one to take one gracefully.

Right now I am reading this book that my Mom bought because it was called "A Widow for One Year" and that's what she was at the time. She kept saying, oh this is so stupid I can't believe I am going to finish it. Well, me- I am always desperate for books to read on BART because I have no Ana to talk to. So I gave it a try- I am not shitting you--- I really like it so far, this is like the best thing I have read in a long time. John Irving is the author. It is great. You see, Ma likes romances and crime thrillers and I like neurotic crazy cynical stuff. So this is right up my alley and it misses hers by a country mile.

Thursday, 14 February 2002

TheList - (jrl version) Ooh this is a better web version of the List, you can search by band or venue and it's clearer to read. If you are in the SF Bay Area, here you go.

Well Valentine's Day is a wretched holiday. And I am not saying that just because I am single. Even if you are with someone it is a crazy neurotic holiday. I saw at least a few married gals who looked disheartened by lack of flowers or candy. And I felt hostile towards all those people carrying around flowers and balloons. Now, that is because I am single. But it seems to me like celebration of feeling let down and sorry for yourself. It's utter crap, really. And then again, I am in a real bitchy mood this particular day.

It is also a funny VAGINA day! Let me just say VAGINA VAGINA because they make such a big deal about the Vagina Monologues and while I appreciate that the gal is raising money for battered women, that play is just so silly. Granted, I read it... didn't see it... but I don't know what is so impressive about "if your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?" I mean that is like if you were a tree what which would you be? And that seems so goddamn silly to me. I read that thing and thought BLAH. I mean I like vulgar raw offensive and honest but it was none of the above. It seemed mild and goony. I am not afraid of my own vagina. It is just a little lonesome these days, LOL. Vagina seems a silly word, though. What is better? Pussy? Cunt? Cunt is really quite an ugly word and to me is the grandaddy of curse words. And I like curse words. I reserve them primarily for when I am driving. But cunt is for extremely rare occasions and sometimes comic effect. What am I on about tonight? I am officially rambling.

May I just say, regarding the Oscar nominees, that I am so disappointed no Steve Buscemi for "Ghost World". He is so wonderful in that, dammit. And also Billy Bob Thorton in "Monster's Ball" . But Halle Berry got the nomination and also Renee Zelweger (sp?) for "Bridget Jones's Diary" which is v. good. So I will be watching, as always.

Sunday, 10 February 2002

Saw an excellent movie yesterdayMonster's Ball. It was very well done. The acting was superb and it was very honest and didn't shy away from showing things that could make people uncomfortable. A powerful film.

Also got my haircut. I asked for the little bitty Bettie Page type of bangs. Sometimes I do 'em myself and they come out crooked. Well my hairstylist did 'em and they are still a little crooked! It's feels weird saying "my hairstylist" cuz I've never had one before. Just here and there I would get someome to cut my hair. But I have been to April twice and I dig her. Anyway another problem with the short bangs is I alway screw up drawing in my eyebrows when my bangs are their shortest. They slant too much, or whatever. So I am going for a cute fifties look and I end up like a cross between Spock and my high school librarian,

Wednesday, 6 February 2002

I was searching for my own site in the Yahoo search engine. It freaks me out when it comes up. That's really dumb but it freaks me out. My old site is no more, apparently. Well the only thing I liked about it was the Yoda Mahir thing. And I printed it out for posterity one time so no big whoop.

You know, the more married people I know these days the more glad I am that I am not married. I am sure that that sounds like I am just saying that because I am jealous of married people, but- no, it's the truth. I would rather never be married than be married to someone who constantly hits on other people all of the time. Tha just would not fly with me. I am jealous by nature, which is lame but I can't help it. I was jealous as all hell when I found out my ex had moved in with a chick. It bugged me whenever I thought about it. But then since I have been in touch with him and he said things that made me feel he never actually liked her all that much, I felt 100% better. Like now I have good happy memories of him unfettered by dumb jealous feelings. Which is really silly, to be honest.

Monday, 4 February 2002 Bay Area music shows of interest The LIST! Get out yer magnifying glass! Well I got the link emailed to me, did I ask him for it? Or did he read this Blog? Mystifying... but thanks!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2002

I have recieved a couple emails from people who found my website because they were looking up "Run, Joey, Run" by David Geddes in a search engine. awesome! LOL. I am going to email VH1 and request a "Where Are They Now?" segment. There should be a comp of really bad songs. I should burn one! I have plenty of bad songs laying around. I am a bad song fan sometimes.