Thursday, 14 February 2002

TheList - (jrl version) Ooh this is a better web version of the List, you can search by band or venue and it's clearer to read. If you are in the SF Bay Area, here you go.

Well Valentine's Day is a wretched holiday. And I am not saying that just because I am single. Even if you are with someone it is a crazy neurotic holiday. I saw at least a few married gals who looked disheartened by lack of flowers or candy. And I felt hostile towards all those people carrying around flowers and balloons. Now, that is because I am single. But it seems to me like celebration of feeling let down and sorry for yourself. It's utter crap, really. And then again, I am in a real bitchy mood this particular day.

It is also a funny VAGINA day! Let me just say VAGINA VAGINA because they make such a big deal about the Vagina Monologues and while I appreciate that the gal is raising money for battered women, that play is just so silly. Granted, I read it... didn't see it... but I don't know what is so impressive about "if your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?" I mean that is like if you were a tree what which would you be? And that seems so goddamn silly to me. I read that thing and thought BLAH. I mean I like vulgar raw offensive and honest but it was none of the above. It seemed mild and goony. I am not afraid of my own vagina. It is just a little lonesome these days, LOL. Vagina seems a silly word, though. What is better? Pussy? Cunt? Cunt is really quite an ugly word and to me is the grandaddy of curse words. And I like curse words. I reserve them primarily for when I am driving. But cunt is for extremely rare occasions and sometimes comic effect. What am I on about tonight? I am officially rambling.

May I just say, regarding the Oscar nominees, that I am so disappointed no Steve Buscemi for "Ghost World". He is so wonderful in that, dammit. And also Billy Bob Thorton in "Monster's Ball" . But Halle Berry got the nomination and also Renee Zelweger (sp?) for "Bridget Jones's Diary" which is v. good. So I will be watching, as always.

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