Sunday, 10 February 2002

Saw an excellent movie yesterdayMonster's Ball. It was very well done. The acting was superb and it was very honest and didn't shy away from showing things that could make people uncomfortable. A powerful film.

Also got my haircut. I asked for the little bitty Bettie Page type of bangs. Sometimes I do 'em myself and they come out crooked. Well my hairstylist did 'em and they are still a little crooked! It's feels weird saying "my hairstylist" cuz I've never had one before. Just here and there I would get someome to cut my hair. But I have been to April twice and I dig her. Anyway another problem with the short bangs is I alway screw up drawing in my eyebrows when my bangs are their shortest. They slant too much, or whatever. So I am going for a cute fifties look and I end up like a cross between Spock and my high school librarian,

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