Thursday, 24 December 2009

My year in Status 2009


doesn't want to go back to lecturing big-ass groups of people only to walk them through an empty non-functioning Loompa-less chocolate factory.

is noticing the cell phone vibrating on top of an empty shoebox sounds like the Devil howling in that Twilight Zone episode

is having a bad hair/huge face day

is on break and her phone battery is dying

getting all bummed at that Pink song Who Knew. I dig her.

is going to make Chicken-in-a-Window (aka Egg in a Hole...but that sounds nasty)

can't stop eating

can tell that this is gonna be a work day that drags on forever

is glad to be home

is laughing her ass off

has gone from laughing to irritation funny how that happens

is wondering

is laughing again

thinks that Superstars of Dance is going to provide many unintentionally funny scenes/quotes that will shown on the Soup.

has a backache and feels like complaining so she is doing that via te t msg to the's that for weird?

just nommed a chicken club sandwich n' sweet potato fries

is going to play some Wii

is finally getting a new stove from her shithead landlords whooooohooooo

is gonna try out her Shark steam mop...e citing! No really

just woke up from a long nap

is eating cuppa noodles

good movie on demand- Right at Your Door. very intense, though...

just ate too much food...blarg

is sleepier than she should be. Why do I feel so lethargic?

is going to watch the Golden Globes

is having a rotten monday

wants to see The Wrestler

is watching Alf with the hiccups

is waiting for the new stove

is watching men trying to figure out how to remove the big old stove

just cleaned about 30 years of yuck off the floor under the old stove....lots of beer bottle caps (not ours...Heiniken :P)

wishes it were possible to lose 22 pounds drinking oreo shakes

is enjoying the nice weather and fresh air...that is coming in through her window while she sits at the computer, typing...

says OMG ebay is my new BFFF

is super nostalgic right now

is sick of cuppa noodles


wants a sense of purpose

was oddly philosophical 2 hours ago

is craving a waffle

indian food is the best food ever

free show @ 7:30 tonight, my friend's band at 33 Revolutions in El Cerrito (by the theater)

is so sick of work

is enjoying technology

is wide awake when I should be settling down...i think i will read...

will be so happy when work is over!!!


has Neil Diamond stuck in her head...TODAY!

is apple pie and disco

wants Paula to kick that new chick's ass

i bark at postmen, Randy

makes inappropriate jokes

is soooooooooooooooo relieved to have a few days off work

is at the laundromat

is playing wii with the twins

is finally going to the movies!!!!!

needs to remember not to try to find parking in Berkeley on a Saturday!!!ever ever again!

misses singing Sabbath Bloody Sabbath with LOVE CHUNK!

is on her third day with no beer!

is freaking out about the last minute announced big meeting with the big boss...holy shit...i hope we are not all getting laid off or something

is trying to remain calm

is muttering oh shit oh shit repeatedly today

life sucks

is past denial and near acceptance :P

is back to angry

who is this douche that keeps calling me and mumbling

wants to go back to bed

is wondering when Hershey is going to do a press release

stopped wondering

is e tra bitter

loves almost everybody!

is having tiramisu for lunch

loves the flying pig pin that lady on Jeopardy is wearing

is laughing at her kitteh...she is bouncing around like a fart in a bottle.

is simultaneously sad and hyper

is on break and wearing devil horns

is about to watch The Legend of Hell House, that I rented because the trailer was so funny!
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is on lunch break...whoopdeedooo

is go glad to have Monday and Tuesday off!

watching Ben rock out on the wii drums

is finally gonna watch the SOUP

is gonna run

is perturbed by the piece of crap drawer unit she just put together

is laughing at paranoid people

is having flickr issues

is pissed

is bored and sad

is loving Pandora

is wondering where flee went?

is counting down the days

is living in a world of fools, breaking us down, when they all should let us be

is all bummed out and crap

feels feverish

is sick of the long-drawn-out-ness of getting laid off...but not for 2 months...

is like..yeah

is thinking on becoming a hermit

just laughed hee-hee-hee-hee like Homer

is sick of feeling sick and tired of feeling tired

is off work tomorrow whoo ha

just nommed some channa masala with Ben...and now we are gonna rent a video game. I like being grown up and childlike at the same time.

lurves Bubba Ho-tep

loves her work peeps and will miss them soo much in April :(

is asante sana squash banana

go right to the sarse and ask the harse

is wanting to growl at people and bite others

almost forgot about the Academy Awards! Go WRESTLER peeps!

is LOL re: Mr Roboto and SJP ill-fitting gown.

is still crushing on James Franco

is lol at KOFY Dance Party reruns

is happy to say that her kitty Minka got a clean bill of health at the vet today!

is learning Rock Band and feels like a dork.

has a fake plastic Les Paul

♥ Wii

loves SF but doesn't feel like going there for work :P

just met the Fonz!

is super tired tonight...i'll be snoring soon!

is the 3rd person to join the cause Support the Berkeley-East Bay Humane.... Join her: 2c16bad3

gonna karaoke some metal with the hubby

is worn out and craves ice cream

wants money

has to pay rent :P :P :P :P :P

is LOL at her phone's new ringtone...Chewbacca!

wants to throw the computer out the window cuz its being hella slow!

is blah

is playing on, like paper dolls but there are games. All this because I am in denial of the need to look for a job.

holy crap it's storming!

is venturing out into the rain!

is hungry for tamales

is wondering wha happen to the lil blonde gal with short hair on american idol cuz that was the person i liked

i vote Nathaniel!!!

is gonna shut down the 'puter and watch South Park.

is nerding out because Spamalot is coming to SF...

is all: hmmmmm lemme see...

says ick! i don't want to work at the Ferry building tomorrow cuz i miss my Berkeley peeps

is trying to avoid getting on the BART car with lil kid field trippers (noisy)

is super tired :P oh man and it's spring forward tonight :P :P

likes facebook but is still confused by apps and how there are so many different apps for the same thing (e ample: drinks)

is having a pretty okay day

is disgusted

is glad to be home

is it National Wear-Way-Too-Much-Cologne Day... or what :P

has Numa Numa stuck in her head...halp!

is gonna take a noon. Man, I love a day off! I shouldn't say that cuz there are many more to come :(

is watching the twins rock some Guitar Hero

if there is one thing i HATE it's a leaf blower!

: buuuurp

just kicked I feel better

is gonna make spaghetti for dinner!

is cooking up some cockamamie scheme a la lucy ricardo

has a weird backache

is so sick of Music from the Chocolate Lands

i don't like the new facebook it shows too much of how i am nerdinating

has lots of smack she wants to talk but is contractually obligated not to.

can't wait to go home

is watching Annie it

is trying to refrain from cussing people out

gettin' ready for some AI

i am wondering if anyone is actually going to sing a Randy Travis song??? hellllooooooooo?

"there's a glass of punch below your feet, and an angel at your head"

is drawing Cubby

is going to watch Robot Monster

had a lot of plans and then decided to be lazy instead

is listening to Social Distortion

"You look so hot when you twist! Play WordTwist! 50 minutes ago" why are my apps hitting on me LOL

i might break my hair off from letting bleach sit on it for too long

Betty White is on My Name is Earl and she is wearing a shirt i own

seriously needs to do laundry and is having an awful problem with mold on the apartment walls

just eleven more days...

is slowly turning into Randall from 'Clerks'

is rooting for the El Cerrito girl on the Jeopardy tournament of champs

is super duper bored...somebody come into sb

is getting weepy dammit

is needing to punch something

just bleached the mold on the bedroom wall and now i feel queasy...but i think it's just psychosomatic

is adjective and wants to verb these plural nouns

lol @ guy on Perry Mason who said "i just can't figure the kooky chick out!"

no frickin' way...joel mchale just name dropped scharffen berger chocolate on the soup!

had way too much caffiene and sugar

is going to watch The Dark Knight. For the 1st time!

is nommin' a yummy sandwich, thanks Ben

loves Ben!

wants to scream

is gonna hang in there...5 days to go

4 days...

just ate the best caesar salad ever! and Giola's pizza rocks

can't wait to see that osbournes show after american idol


is wishing a happy birthday to Bernardo and Courtney!

is looking forward to the ZOO

when you get the notion, put your backfield in motion

last day of work :(

man, oh man

is ready for some meerkats

is dissappointed that the meerkats were hiding and also can't spell disappointed?!

i have lots of photos to post but i am beat...we are going to watch a movie!!! And i will have copious amounts of time on my hands this week i think

is taking a lay around and watch movies day cuz dammit i've earned it

is now going to workout for some odd reason

aww poor kitty...Minka had to have 2 teeth pulled and she is still a lil woozy

holy crap i didn't know netfli was gonna post that much, sorry

I ♥ Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!!

5 dollar footlong with e tra jalpenos

is gonna RUN

full moon fever

applied for a job that seems pretty cool...

is "bowling" with Ben and Fred (Wii bowling..that is)

okay it's MOVIE NIGHT!!

is doing ta es

is done with ta es and owes money...dammit

attempting to make brownies from scratch

kind of messed up the brownies...they're edible...just...weird

happy Easter

is overly warm and ate too many sweets

is listening to music

is going to go to sleep...i think

needs to clean house...doesn't feel like it

i dig the fact that Rolling Stone has a gigantic article on Kris Kristofferson, who I love, even though Rolling Stone is generally kind of lame and Ethan Hawke (article writer) is generally kind of a douche

gonna watch Se and the CIty with Ben!! yeah you read that right!

is going to watch Vicki Christina Barcelona and then fall asleep on the sofa

is goin' someplace

is gonna watch AI with the hub and QT apparently...


fair is foul and foul is fair

is watching Mamma Mia with Ena and the twins

is anyone else having facebook issues? i can only look at it all funky at otherwise it is coming up blank

wishes she had a lawyer to look at her severance paperwork

our love is like a shit on the ocean

is gonna party with my scharffenbergerlers!

needs to find a job asap

had a very stressful last 1/2 hour involving screaming neighbor od'ing?...cops and an ambulance. The dispatcher I called was my cousin and the cop that came went to high school with my sister. Gotta love lil ol Albany.

my computer just crashed :(

ok the computer is normal again

we are watching Mythbusters and Return of the Jedi simultaneously. Plus also I am typing on the computer

is once again putting the "pro" in procrastination

man, it's hot!

is watching the Simpsons and wants some Ignoritall

it's too hot to think

just ran a crap ton of errands and is about to pass out from this heat!

is like David Lee Roth...crazy from the heat!

ever not really like a song and then like 14 years later you hear it and go "oh man, I love that song!!" I am listening to a bunch of those on youtube right now..

is thinking about an afternoon nap...

melted Joseph Schmidt truffles are yum yum

is going swimming whoooo-hooooo

is going to Unwigged and Unplugged tonight with Mama!

just got a tetanus shot...good morning

is at cafe cacao with albert and kimberly...where are deirdre and jim?

is wondering if i should just take the $ out of my 401k

I'm lookin' for pound notes, loose change, bad checks- anything gimme some moneeeey

we are gonna have dinner at Fred's again! Man can COOK

wants to play matchmaker

just belched but no one was here to hear it. "cept Mink, but she is used to that, I'm sure.

i have that p-p-p-poker face p-p-poker face stuck in my head.

staying Golden!

is laughing at the bartender at Jupiter with his hair shaved off in a strip down the middle like the bad guy in Death Wish 4

is goin' to the horse races GO BABY GO

we won whooooooo

we lost d'ohhhh


lots of pictures to post today!

gonna watch TV and cuddle with my hubby

awake from another 12 hour sleep-a-thon. I feel like a slug.

was good and did chores so i am thinking it's time for some video games!

ate a really unhealthy meal :P

Cowell is off his rocker tonight

1-866-IDOLS-02 or 07 i vote Allison!

is awake!

El Sob #1


today was all about fancy hats and gossip

damn you, mailman...I want my Netfli so I can watch the tearjerker before Ben gets home! He had been coming around at noon lately, but not today.

if you are in need of a good Seven Pounds

is watching the twins play soccer

is sneezing

crimson and clover

health insurance companies suck ass

failure is *always* an option

i don't know if this worked but it made me laugh, thats a good thing

i miss the SB peeps...I miss having a JOB

out of college, money spent...see no future, pay no rent. All the money's gone, no where to go.

did i mention i am only in 3rd grade :P


watching the neighbor kids playing on the lawn before we head over to Fred's for dinner. The one kid is two or three and she was all "Jojo, watch out for dog poo-poo on the lawn!"

I've seen a million faces...


is getting to edit her wedding video!

happy mothers day!

has a strange urge for a caramel frappuccino


my internet and cable are down :P and i really needed mapquest today

nothing makes you feel old like going grocery shopping and in the background they are playing Friday I'm in Love...when did that become lite rock?

sending out another round of resumes :P

so i was asked to come in for an interview, and i got all e cited, and then i googled the company and they have all kinds of negative reviews on a bunch of websites...such as boss is a tyrant and people that work there are on meth, etc....I can't win! St

oh man, was that an earthquake?

can anyone recommend me a good dentist in Albany or El Cerrito? or Berkeley?

Someday love will find you, Break those chains that bind you, One night will remind you:

this day started out nice and then it was a downward spiral to suckingness on so many levels :P

we're heeeeeeerw

i meant heeeere at cafe beeeeeeer

Best Week Ever just had the best episode ever

why do i feel compelled to take dumb quizzes

Star Trek was awesome. Very well done, I loved it.


goin' to Mama's for a barbecue!

I'm so was super hot in El Sob.

Ben is a most e cellent birthday present picker outer

wayne's world 2...

t-minus almost time for an old-school buzznet meetup!

the fog is rolling in now...

must diet!!!

off to El Sob hang out with Ena and the girls

slept for only 3 and a half hours...So I can't wait for the afternoon, to nap

Cult of Cartman!

Cult of Cartman, then nap!

after-nap daze

soon I will be hanging out with a childhood friend on the street I grew up goes in strange circles sometimes

root canal? DO NOT WANT!


like like like thanks thanks thanks all!


is happy

tomorrow is dollar day at Golden Gate Fields, who's with us?

should maybe try to sleep?

a day at the races!

root canal today :P

needs a nap

Indian food for dinner....YUM!

listening to a youtube mi and waiting for Ben to get off the we can play Trivial Pursuit!



i want to take a week off from job-hunting :P

has a new (old) scanner but it's super slow and acting funky

job hunting is sucking big time

Facebook tip o' the day: if you are gonna upload a crapload of pictures from various discs, don't even try to tag them until you are done uploading them all...cuz it won't save. Or it didn't for me, anyway. So now i have lots of tagging to do (good way

Ben and I are gonna cook some spaghetti!

creeped out by some of the weird shit that e ists online

time to watch a movie!

gonna go some places and do some stuff

hear the drummer get wicked

very shocked about David Carradine

Minker's gonna be a big sister!!!!! purrrr

why am i watching twilight? this sucks...pun intended.

good god another earthquake..that one made my heart race

Iron Maiden? E cellent!

does anyone post on deviantART? i just joined it...

going to Pier 39

touched a leopard shark today...

is happy

happy and sleepy and weepy

gettin' the kitten

watching Tikka run and then slide across the floor...she's got energy to spare

needs more RAM to run her new programs DAMMIT.

close encounters of the cat and kitten kind

watching ABBA videos with the twins

what do you mean I don't pay my bills? Why do you think I'm broke? huh?

going to a Giants game tonight..good seats and FREE whoooooohooooey

going to Santa Rosa to see relatives...

editing video whoooooo

Happy Father's Day to you daddies!

I need to open a bank account, close the old one, grocery shop, apply for jobs...but notice i am goofing around on facebook. What a lamer.

is officially hoarding pepsi throwback

trying to teach my kitten to enjoy being carried around constantly, so I can feel like I'm Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

if you are in Albany look at the access channel (33) kalb right now....Bunny Bunns . Sup with that?

a surreal day.

best frozen dinner: butter chicken and samosa's from Trader Joes

Larry King is hideous and his show right now is bizarre

i thought Tikka meant lil pieces but this guy on America's Test Kitchen said it meant meat on a stick bhahahahah that is my kitten's name!

there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around

now that's just dang weird

that's the way to do it, Boo

the soil of a man's heart is stonier

bank of america sucks

remembering working at the Wherehouse ages ago...

reminded again what a small world it is.

this guy on discovery channel that is painting flames on cars is awesome

groggy after nap

shepherds pie and twilight zone marathon

hope everyone had a good 4th!

digging KOFY

this is seriously the most bizarre Dance Party I have ever seen. Jim Gabbert was outta control!

loads of stuff to do that i don't feel like doing :P

what's up with facebook not letting me post pics from the phone THAT'S JUST WRONG

job interview at 2...

in a quandary, what else is new...

I'm on a ride and I wanna get off but they won't slow down the roundabout

the BART train at this hour is populated by highly annoying individuals.

good news for my scharffenpeeps: Saw Ally on BART...she is doing good. and heard that evil Lisa is soon to be unemployed...ha!

lol Tikka just ran across the room carrying one of my bras with her. Crazy kitten!

it's too warm to sleep, but I am tired.

case of the giggles for no reason...the dreaded giggle loop!

creature from the black lagooooooooon

should go to bed cuz 2mrw we will get up early to go to the lake whoopppp

in Ukiah...which is haiku spelled backward

had a fun day, but will pay for it later...SUNBURN! d'oh


watching Ben and Alec play Rock band...we need drums!

awww the twins are at their 1st concert...Coldplay

transcribing DeatH Spasm lyrics..

gonna play some video games and chill.......

nommin' some garlic fries at the fair

we are stuck in traffic! dammit! and no, I am not driving...

way up in the trees live the Monchichis

attempting to fill out important legal documents while the kitten runs around hyper and neighbors are hammering, leaf-blowing, and sawing.

in dire need of a shamwow because I just spilled Dr Pepper all over the floor of my car...

hungry...chicken and naan?

"wiggle your big toe"

another e citing day at the laundromat...

WKRP in Cinncinnati

the job hunt suck

I love the smell of a bbq!

watching a show about Star Wars...cuz I'm a nerd like that.

hard to nap when the cats are having a slap fight

Ben is out...time for pancakes and Lifetime. lol

Photo: FWD: hw2gis76

Video: Yoga Sandals (via frederi80) I want these sandals hw2gj5rl

its our 1st anniversary! We are going to some drag races...

Link: Former American Idol contestant killed - Entertainment - NZ Herald News - oh man, I remember her! That... hw2h79td

hahahahahh stupid twitter. The Fat Boys...the best part of twitter.

Electric Vagina "Albany" ♫ #musicmonday ♥♥♥

enough job hunting, time for some drums. I don't wanna work, I wanna bang on the (rock band) drum all day...

I want to buy a housedress/caftan whatever it's know like Mrs Roper wore...

I am soooo grouchy after a truly pissy day :P

my sis the the twins are coming over to play some Rock Band

I think I checked off a setting that makes my twitter update go every damn place. I liked just babbling.

is it just me, or does that GI Joe movie look super awful?


RT @NeilDiamond Call me crazy but I love him. Rescued on the beach. Here he is... Clamper the sea scallop!

still feeling urpy


so much time and so little to do...strike that, reverse it!

MONCHICHI "get out of my head damn song!" ♫

mmmmm we are gonna make some yummy burgers.....

we are breaking in the Slap Chop today!

I didn't know he was the same guy that sings the Scooby Doo songs...Austin Roberts-cheerfully depressing "Rocky" ♫

DJ Steve Porter featuring VINCE "Slap Chop Rap" ♫ #musicmonday This is stuck in my head constantly.

W E T P E T S "Wet Pets San Pablo" ♫ #musicmonday This is also constantly stuck in my head.

Weird Al tribute to my beloved CNR!!!! :P


its a long way down the holiday road...

Cafe Biere in Oakland...or is it Emeryville? anyhoooo free beer tasting, yo.

oh did i should boycott the hershey corporation...ask and i will tell...

is a loose cannon


got kinda nauseated on a roller coaster...that never used to happen. :P

fun weekend but man am I tired!

dood...someone actually called to set up an interview based on my resume on CalJobs...result! I loathe thee

I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left.

i had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right to my head

applying to work at Fright Fest at Si Flags...cuz why not. I vant to scare the childrensssss

"Middle Amer-i-ca"

bored and Ben has the car. Too lazy today to walk anywhere.

Bay Area peoples: is this a gorgeous day, or what?

today is Household Chores and Apply for Jobs Day. I don't mean for that to sound like a holiday. Cuz it isn't :P

keep saying boots cats boots cats repeatedly, and voila- you are beatbo ing! Thank you, flutebeatbo ing dude on It's on with Ale a Chung

loving that my nieces are up late and on the internet. too!

tell me something good

is Facebook flipping out on anyone else? i was going to post a note and when I click post new note it just takes me back to the news feed...what the heck?

in mad-ness you DWELLLLLLL

Inglourious Basterds!

sorry we missed the reunion!

someone tell Richard to call us!

its all good!

visiting my family and then we're gonna finally catch up with RF!

okay, time to read and then sleep.

I need more sleep!

I can't believe the twins are starting middle school. Auntie feels OLD today.

I just ate my last bit of Asante :(

facebook says: "Message Delayed- Some recipients won't get your message right away, but they will soon." facebook you are getting all buzznetty on me.

I am so sick of the 25 page questionnaires you have to answer just to apply to work in a store. Whatever happened to talking to a manager and filling out a job application? Now you talk to no one and have to give your opinion on crap like: "is it maddening when courts let guilty criminals go free" well, yeah it is, but I am not going to mention it to people that I am ringing up at a store. ??!?!

No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.

Abyssinian goats and Babylonian rocks

mmmm carnitas what we have been cooking the the crock pot for 10 hours..mmmmmm nom nom

what's cooler than being cool?

i wish Facebook would stop saying "oops, something went wrong" or at least vary it a little, like d'oh! or my bad.

I bought a ticket to the whir-her-hurled. But now I've come back again.

¿ʇsɐəqThis status contains special characters. It won't display properly in the collage.

No one should be frozen in carbonite, nor slowly digested over a thousand years in the belly of a sarlaac, just because they cannot pay Jabba the money they owe him. If you agree with this, please repost this as your status.

The phrase 'dead ringer' refers to someone who sits behind Chuck Norris in a movie theater and forgets to turn their cell phone off.

I said if I was smart that I would save up for a piece of string and a rock to wind the string around

thank you Mr Postman for bringing my unemployment check today! We will be bbqing 2mrw!

is angry at Mechanics Bank

Kanye loves fishsticks

I love the Albany Library so much!

RIP Patrick Swayze

Karen Lee Daniel-Watson oh i get it now!

cooking soup...which is starting to smell heavenly, and listening to some Death Spasm 2009 thanks to Kai Burghardt - you rule, brother! Can't wait for Ben to get home and hear it!

just saw a Boy Scout with a mohawk @ the El Sob stroll

chilling with the hub on his b-day

Zachary's Pizza....mmmmmmm

going to see my niece's 1st apartment!

oh dang that Mezzetta hot sauce is goooooooood!

oh dang that Mezzetta hot sauce is HHHHHHHHHOT

I love Prince!!!

"Our rich and creamy five-cheese blend of Fontina, Bleu, Gruyere, white Cheddar and Parmesan is tossed with crispy bacon and penne pasta, and topped with Bleu cheese crumbles and a Parmesan-crust topping. Served with a juicy grilled chicken breast." nom nom nom

I want to see Whip It and Zombieland and Toy Story in 3D

I have this horrible Miley Cyrus song stuck in my head....whyyyyy? make it stop!

for AHS classmates that didn't know, Mr Cruz passed away recently. :( Memorial service is at St John the Baptist at 11150 San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito. 2pm on Oct 10th. (thanks Thira for date and locations)

e cited for the Motorhead concert tonight...but so broke. I wish things weren't so e pensive. I want a t-shirt. hehe

loves her sister Ena!

I have a rotten cold and I hope I get over it by Monday because I have a JOB INTERVIEW!

feeling far, so good! Enjoying a lazy Sunday with the Hub.

I have Fred Flintstone feet.

things are looking up!! :)

I am all excited that they are going to make a Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure. How lame is that? I love Disneyland.

sweet! good job!

dang rain is gonna flood our garage again :(

if anyone ever tries to set me up on Scare Tactics, I will punch them. Just saying.

"the waiting game sucks, lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos"

has anyone else been getting the account unavailable message on here? I couldn't log in but Ben logged in just fine.

Modern Family cracks me up...

what is up with this muggy sultry hot weather today?

got my mind on my lack of money and my lack of money on my mind.

I love that Tikka is still a young enough cat that she is easily can stop her from getting into something she is not supposed to just by throwing something jingly in the opposite direction.

time for TACOS. OUr tacos kick butt.

almost time to watch the girls play soccer!

Goosebumps on Cartoon Network... makes me think of when my older niece and nephews were little...

finally over this stupid flu!

nothing tastes quite so delicious as your favorite food when you first get your taste buds back after the flu...

e cited to go see my scharffenbergerlers!

oh BART Sunday schedule, I spit at thee...

going back to school!

got my student id and my scrubs...its official, I'm going back to school! whooohooooo

OMG i forgot how hot that Mezzetta Habenero sauce is....oooweee

was at orientation for school was cool...but now there are dishes to do. Doing dishes sucks.

yaaaarrr! 1) Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook Profile page. 2) On the bottom left corner, click English: US. 3) When the language selection appears, click English: Pirate. 4) watch what happens... and you can always change it back!

this dude was on his phone saying "if they want a fight, I'll give them one" and stuff...and then I walked past him and realized HE WAS NOT ON A PHONE.

good news... school is from noon to 4 so I can still stay up late and sleep in ;) that's my kinda school!

just got SNL Best of Eddie Murphy...I love that one!

mmmm stuffed peppers...we are improvising a recipe. So far, so good...

1st day of school! It's been nearly 15 years since I sat in a classroom. A wee bit nervous...

I love SCHOOL!

anyone know a cheap way to get Microsoft Office 2007...I need it for school. My computer doesn't have Powerpoint and I have to do a project in that format. And I actually like Word 2007...

going to see the Albany Middle School play tonight...

how funny to be in the Little Theater again...

just had a class with no teacher or sub...interesting.

I swear to God this is the last time I will ever bug anyone about Dancing with the Stars!! But please vote for Kelly! :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Hug your family (that includes your pets)...Hug your friends...

gonna stay in and watch a movie!

can lip-synch to The Empire Strikes Back

I am happy that there is a Christmas tree at school. We are not doing one at home this year because Tikka will destroy it...

free pizza...what a rad school!

hoot hoot I think I aced my anatomy midterm...


"you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather"

freezing and sneezing

waiting on the stupid repairman to get here to fi the themostat. I don't want to be late for school because of him, but I do really want to be able to turn the heater on!

waaaaaaarm. I love you, heater!

Thursday is my yeah!

watching an acapella singing contest on NBC...they have to sing Flo shoulda been apple bottom with the FUR!

2 more days of school...hip hip hooray for Christmas vacation!

playing fetch with Tikka. She is a cat. Yet, she loves to fetch. She was born in a hedge in front of my mother's house. I think there is a distinct possibility that she is half dog. I have also seen her chase her tail and drag her booty on the floor.

looking forward to making cookies tomorrow...

Love and joy come to you And to you a waffle, too