Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best and Worst of 2009 and junk

first of all, this is the best band name ever:

and I dig the music, too.

I am not one to purchase albums cuz I am broke like that, but one I bought and absolutely love is the self-titled album by Spinnerette. Brody Dalle-Homme, I love you!

Favorite singles/videos were: anything by Lady Gaga...I know people think she is overrated but I think she is hilarious and talented. Most overrated performer is Taylor Swift. I know she got interrupted by Kanye, boo hoo. Her syrupy sweet songs annoy the crap out of me.

I should do 2009 movies later, after I rent more. I hardly went to the movies at all. The one I liked the best in the theater was Star Trek, oddly enough. When my husband and I saw it advertised, we said "how lame!" thinking along the lines of Transformers 2 or GI Joe. But my mother loved it. So we went and saw it and had a great time. I have yet to see Transformers 2 or GI Joe but I am pretty sure I would hate them. I even hate the new Batmans. Lately everything is a disappointment so Star Trek was very refreshing. My favorite DVD releases were Pineapple Express, Mamma Mia, and the Wrestler.

I have been much more into TV recently. My tv shows this year were Project Runway (boring season, kinda), Dancing With the Stars (strictly because of Kelly Osbourne, and she should have won dammit!), Modern Family (love that show so much), Cougar Town (I hate the title but it's a crack up)... reruns I watch a lot: South Park (didn't really get way into it until recently and I also loved the new season), Mythbusters, AFV I watch a lot. It's a good go-to when you can't decide on anything. WWII on the History Channel was amazing! I admit I like iCarly. Like a younger, modern Laverne and Shirley. I watched Harpers Island but got bored by the end. I will honestly miss Paula Abdul on AI. Guilty pleasures. The hub watches a lot of Food network kind of shows. My favorite: Tyler's Ultimate. Raowr! TV people I hate: John Gosselin, Speidi, people loudly crunching on Kit-Kats, and people who put their toddlers in beauty pageants.

Favorite author who has been around but I just discovered him: Jeffrey Ford.

Shittiest personal news I got this year: laid off work, Louise (kitty) dying, Minka (kitty) cancer returning.

Best thing: going back to school.

Best Video Game: Super Mario Bros. for Wii.

Best reunion: Monty Python. 2nd place: Death Spasm.

*video game break*