Wednesday, 6 February 2002

I was searching for my own site in the Yahoo search engine. It freaks me out when it comes up. That's really dumb but it freaks me out. My old site is no more, apparently. Well the only thing I liked about it was the Yoda Mahir thing. And I printed it out for posterity one time so no big whoop.

You know, the more married people I know these days the more glad I am that I am not married. I am sure that that sounds like I am just saying that because I am jealous of married people, but- no, it's the truth. I would rather never be married than be married to someone who constantly hits on other people all of the time. Tha just would not fly with me. I am jealous by nature, which is lame but I can't help it. I was jealous as all hell when I found out my ex had moved in with a chick. It bugged me whenever I thought about it. But then since I have been in touch with him and he said things that made me feel he never actually liked her all that much, I felt 100% better. Like now I have good happy memories of him unfettered by dumb jealous feelings. Which is really silly, to be honest.

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