Wednesday, 31 May 2006


I am feeling all discombobulated so I am just going to type out random stuff to get it out of my brain
i am so irritated, well not really, it's par for the course these days but i was able to comment on buzznet then i posted a picture and couldn't comment afterward well piss on it

really weird thing happened monday night, at midnight the sheriffs dept knocked on our door (probably wouldn't have, now that i think about it, but for the fact that my light was on) they started asking questions about the lady next door...when did we last see her, etc...her husband was abusive and they were about to divorce.... we were so afraid that the police were there because she was missing or found dead. they said no, but we were thinking maybe they couldn't divulge that information....we were very freaked out after they left. The next day we found out it was the mean husband who was dead, and they were trying to find next of kin to notify. He killed himself by driving drunk... and before that, he trashed their house that they were trying to sell. but in a way it is better because she was apparently thinking on getting back together with him
lis found us a roomate by posting a personal ad, on the blind date the guy could tell she was still all fucked up about her last relationship, so he said you just need a friend, then as it turned out he needed a place to she said move in
she came home and told me and i thought holy fuck this is nuts, she said God answered her prayers...i need to watch life of brian repeatedly to cleanse myself of her Jesus freak-ee-ness...besides the point, i thought oh shit, he came over with his roomate that was moving away...seem like two sane persons... i feel okay about it, i mean if she gets to keep the house and yeah well this means i can move on without feeling like she is relying on me, not that i wanted her to rely on me, but i get these guilty feelings....anyway i am rambling
don't worry about me, i am distrustful almost to a fault and there is no way anyone is pulling the wool over my eyes... but in a sense i think it will be fun to have a roomate that was someone i didn't know beforehand.. i think it might work okay....out mother of course is having a conniption fit (however you spell that and whatever it really means ) about the whole thing
but that is another thing that is par for the course
sorry for all the golf terms, or that golf term anyway, the one i just repeated

pete and repeat when into a bar
pete came out
who was left
pete and repeat went into a bar

it's probably re-pete huh> i always fuck up jokes...well it is probably better out loud ohhhh man

hey i finished the book i was reading, Miss New York Has Everything....i liked it
emotional father stuff at the end though
now i just started Vernon God Little
like you care
well, you are mildly interested, if you are still reading this by now
or else you are reading this thinking what an egomaniacal asshole and spitting at your computer and calling me dumb bitch....

today at work a lady said "how fucking rude!" and i thought she was saying it to me so i looked at her, alarmed, thinking what'd i do? and it turned out she was saying it towards the assholey guy that was rude to my coworker and then left, he probably heard her and thought she was saying it to me, too.... well it turned out she is a clerk to and said that she always feels like saying that to people that she deals with, and she obviously can't at work unless she wants to get fired. So it was kind of a catharsis for her. She said "lets face it, none of us really want to work so why should some asshole come in and make our day more miserable." this was a cool lady that i would hang out with, 'cept i didn't catch her name. And oddly, i do like my low-paying job. she could come work with me. I like crap jobs cause you can talk shit to other coworkers without getting in trouble, cuz even your managers agree that everything is pretty much bullshit. at smaller companies, you can't even vent cuz the person making up the crappy stupid rules will get wind of it. and that is just frustrating. but i digress....

here is silly pop-cultural thing just so i am not so personal and specific about my life...i got the dvd for Clueless because i think that movie is very sweet and clever, and i wonder why alicia silverstone isn't doing many movies because she is a very pretty charming girl... well this dvd had extras that were actually entertaining and i think that the director/writer Amy Heckerling is one of cutest people ever... i mean i love her personality and look...she has shortish wild dark hair (kinda like Tim Burton) thinnish eyebrows and tons of eyeliner...she wears layers of clothes, mostly dark, along the lines of Allison in the Breakfast Club...and she is the type of person that you can tell stays close friends with people, is loyal, and is not afraid to be very honest and compliment people sincerely as well... i can tell this from dvd extras for i am Spartacus

i went to the dentist finally after many many years.. i could tell i had a cavity due to the pain and also the large hole in my tooth....they took x-rays... he said my teeth were all doing quite well with the exception being that one in particular... he said the root looked infected so he's got me on amoxicillin and then in two weeks i get a root canal. and a thousand dollar bill cuz my insurance sucks donkeys but oh well, what is one more debt when you are already swimming in debt... the more the merrier i say... screw it lets file for bankruptcy... this of course is the vicodin talking.. dentist prescribed that too.... I'm rather enjoying it.

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