Sunday, 4 June 2006

There Ain't No Sanity Clause

Hello. So the new roomate is okay...and so far everything is going swimmingly (speaking of swimmingly, I wanna go swimming!)
I looked at his profile on myspace- myspace is kinda sleazy and cheesy, if you want my opinion, which you didn't ask for- but you are reading this so that is my opinion. We pulled it up at my mom's house... my step-nephew did... my step neph is 14 and has a myspace, and even on that scantily clad teens are adding him for a friend... "say a prayer for the youth of America" why are kids skanky like that nowadays.. it's sad. Also at my mothers, as usual, I caught up on the tabloids, and there was a thing about how Marie Osmond's two daughters had really sleazy crap on their myspace. Not that i am a total prude but there is a limit between...oh never mind i just sound like an asshole anyway. :P Anyhoo the point is i don't mind the roomate cuz i usually keep to myself in this house anyway... but now it is kinda strange because i feel like i am living in his house rather than my sisters. THis is because she is not home as often now that she is finally working again, there are so much boxes and crap everywhere it is like trading spaces or one of those dumb shows.

My favorite tabloid article title of the weekend was "Sean Preston's Year of Living Dangerously" --this cracked me up, even though I feel so sorry for that cute little baby with two idiots for parents (this is Britney Spears' kid in case you were not familiar). My favorite blurb in a magazine, which was actually Rolling Stone I think, was about that movie Snakes on a said that there was a teaser trailer or something for the internet where some guy imitated my beloved Samuel L Jackson's voice and said "i want these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane" and the response was so positive that they reshot some scenes so that Samuel L will actually say that in the movie now....that sounds like a total hoot. I realize it is over-hyped now, but I am a sucker for anything that silly. And I am a sucker for Samuel L- I just love that guy, he's my favorite movie star...

I had way more stuff to talk about but now it slipped my slippery mind, and I have a ton of pics for buzznet... so I am gonna go over there...

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