Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Internet Explorer, whenever I open it, says "this is not your default internet connection would you like to make it your default" or sumpin' like that, and i click yes, then the next time it still asks again, and i click yes, then the next time is asks YET AGAIN, and i wish there was a button that said YES, YES, GODDAMN IT YES!!!!!!


Alex V said...

That's a poser. Try this:

* In Windows XP, go to "Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Set Program Access and Defaults (on the left) -> Custom". After expanding the "Custom" category, you will see Internet Explorer and other installed browsers listed under "Choose a default Web browser". Select Internet Explorer.

I hope this works. By the way, whenever I surf to your blog, it loads about a thousand picture thumbnails from your buzznet, which really slows down the page loading a lot.

hyena said...

mozilla firefox is a wonderful thing

back in black. said...

what does technology have against you?

kookychick252 said...

technology hates me for some reason... i think because i love it, it likes to toy with me...that is usually how it works

i gots Windows ME

maybe it is time for a new computerrrrrr