Friday, 19 October 2001

Well tomorrow a BBQ with Ana.

Today I was feeling blue.

So anyway I thought "why not try to write?"

And now, I'm thinkin' "why bother?"

My story has become tiresome, now is the time on "Sprockets" when we dance!

Oooh everybody Drew Barrymore diary on MTV. She seems like a nice gal.

Yesterday I tried on a corset, a leather dominatrix type thingy. It belongs to my friend, Lisa. It is for use under my Vampira costume. I tried it at work and wore it for a while. With it real tight I had bizarre Barbie sort of proportions. And felt taller, for some reason. A little looser, and it was comfortable. It kind of supported my lower back and made my posture nicer. It was pretty cool. About three coworkers felt compelled to grab me by the waist. That livened up my boring Thursday.

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