Monday, 22 October 2001

I had a really fun time at Ana's on Saturday. Lo and behold, a fun weekend. Just hangin' around.

Today at work the atmosphere was....uh...mass hysteria! Eric is not there and then everybody flips out. I think he is afraid of becoming expendable so he doesn't train anybody else to cover his duties. And then, apart from everyone pulling their hair out going "what do I do?" there is this palpable sense of "let's all just screw around all day". Anthony must have crept up behind me about 4 times. And I didn't even hear him. And then all of a sudden he is whispering in my ear and I am jumping out of my skin. and holy shit just now I was attacked by my frickin' computer. It always pops up this thing about "do you want to watch the Windows Media blah blah blah tutorial" and usually I'm like "later" but this time it was all "hey hey" and the damn thing just started playing and I couldn't make it stop for like a couple minutes. It's like showing families and crap and what I am actually listening to in the background is all "die die die, my darling..." makes an interesting video. I guess.

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