Wednesday, 5 December 2007

well whoooooooooooohooooo

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I was afraid it would rain. It didn't. This was good because I needed to do my laundry. I ended up going to a different laundromat than I usually do. It's called Highlander Coin Laundry, which makes me think it is owned by someone who could only be killed by decapitation. I went really early, and there was no one there (at least til this Richard Dreyfuss in the Goodbye Girl looking fellow came in) There were plenty of washers and lots of space. And best yet, it is in a little shopping complex with a Happy Donut. So yeah, that was cool and I've been done with chores since 10:45 and had all day to read Invisible Monsters and mess around the internet. Now I'ma dye my hair and take a shower. BUH BYE.

Dear Dad- I miss you, I love you, Happy BIrthday

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