Monday, 14 May 2001

Spoke to TD today and oh, sweet mystery of life- felt absolutely no emotion toward him whatsoever. Blessed relief! Wasn't even jealous when he confirmed the goth chick girlfriend. Had momentary sense of "what did I see in him..." followed by rare flash of self-esteem "I could do better...". Feeling free to write this as I know he will never bother to look up my website. Of if he did, the likelyhood of him reading it...slim to none. Can purge all gross feelings now, but to my surprise all former feelings are dead and buried. Have grown and moved on. Who would have thought?
ANNOYANCE FOR THE WEEK: the Process played and I didn't even realize it! Missed it completely! D'oh!
HAPPY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK : I actually like my job!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My nephew's first gig! His band, Fall-out, is playing in Lodi May 25th!
GLAD THAT: I'm able to read on BART without getting sick. Doubly good because I'm addicted to the book I'm reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers. Triply good because now I can avoid that pesky eye-contact with strangers thing (not a very social creature I guess. Unless drunk.)
NERVOUS ABOUT: Seeing nice guy I kissed and much older bartender I have inexplicably crush on during our traditional after-work Friday thang at the Leopard.
TIRED OF: typing in all caps
hoping that: this will post and publish instead of just posting like it's been doing lately...