Thursday, 31 May 2001

Still haven't quite mustered up the energy to post review on Epinions, overwhelmed with the amount of choices. So impressed with others' writing there and at that I feel extremely self-conscious about my own!!! However I have recieved a couple of complementary e-mails that truly brightened my day. Good old me, ever-seeking approval.

Another bright spot for me this week occured on BART. It was commute time, packed, lots of people standing. A seat opened up equally near to me and another woman. I eyeballed it, nearly took it, thought "well I have been sitting on my ass all day", said to the woman "would you like to sit there?". Astonished, she said "If you wouldn't mind..." I really felt like she was utterly surprised and it felt nice to be unselfish. I always find that stuff like "random acts of kindness" sounds real cornball, but there is an element of truth in it. The woman smiled at me real big later on when I was exiting the train. It's nice to think that though she may never see me again she might recall me as the daffy broad with the big honkin' tattoo who was polite to her at commute time.

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