Wednesday, 16 May 2001

Am having fun at work for the most part but sort of stressed about all the new stuff I am trying to learn all at once. I suppose it means I'm doing good, if they're giving me all these extra responsibilities, but I still worry about screwing up. It is a foreign thing to me to be rewarded for a job well done. Based on the fact that all the jobs I had before were utter shite. I love shit with an e on the end. Nice and cockney, or something.
Was all gung ho about being the only family member going to my nephew's band's first gig in Lodi. But then tried to print driving directions on yahoo maps and d'oh! Very confusing. Cue the Creedence "oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again..." I wonder how they will sound. It's a punk show but my nephew seems to be into pop-punk. Maybe it's his age? I played him Misfits once, and some Damned- seemed to be okay with it, a little Social Distortion- looked at me like he smelled something funny. Liked the Oozzies. I found it odd to give the Damned an endorsement to him by saying "well, the Offspring covered them". Street-cred for the teen crowd. Am taken aback each time I see my nephew, he's taller and taller and suddenly sounding very deep-voiced. Not quite Barry White, but still. Feel old. My niece, the last time they came out for visit, was wearing Miss Lee Press-on Nails and eyeshadow. Am freaking out right now about the passing of time in case you couldn't tell.

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