Sunday, 8 April 2001

Eeesh I start the new job tomorrow. I am NERVOUS! Veddy neuuuhvis!
Today I went to Berzerkeley with my friend Cleo and her friend Sabina. Cleo got a tattoo of her husband and son's name in Chinese characters. I managed to refrain from getting anymore but boy howdy it is mighty tempting. I love the sound the tattoo gun makes. The siren song of the tattoo gun. The tattoo parlor had flash that was by my former pseudo-roomate Daryl affectionately known as Gary Gnu because his last name was Gnau or Ralph because he couldn't hold his liquor! It was weird to see his flash though, haven't seen it in awhile. He's another guy who was played for a fool by my ex-roomate. The world is crawling with them.

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