Sunday, 1 April 2001

I just found out I'm pregnant.(April Fool!) Would have to be an immaculate conception, the way things are going :( Ah, well... Went to see the Process Friday! Heehee I'm still all excited about it. They were great, my only complaint would be that I wished they had played longer. Thank you to my friend Marcus for takin' me to see them. I was thinking I hadn't been all excited about seeing a band since I was a kid and would get all worked up about, say, Def Leppard. And then the Process played a few notes of a Def Leppard song for a goof. HA. The Rats were good too, I was glad they played songs I knew. Too bad Grant(the lead singer) was late and had to be filled in for. But I enjoyed his little snit when he found out they played without him! Good ol' Grant.
Saturday Marcus and I went to see Leatherface in S.F. That was a good show, too. And we got to hang out with the band after. I was tired because we walked around all day. So we kept quoting Bernie Mac, a comic, "I'm tired, my body weary". Err, guess ya had to be there. I looked everywhere for a patch so that I could cover the logo of my old job on my favorite sweatshirt. And let my tell you it's hard to find a patch unless you want some crappy hippie deadhead or marijuana type thing. Blech!