Monday, 10 April 2006

DMV- Dynamite

DMV oi! oi! oi!
(to the tune of TNT but you probably knew that, heh?)

2mrw morning I have to go to the DMV to renew my license. I have to go there in person on account of they need to take a new picture this time.

So, o'course, today I come down with a supa dupa gnarly eye-waterin' nose-stuffity cold. Which means my driver's license photo will be teary-eyed red-nosed and mucussy. Iddintdat uh pisha ("isn't that a pisser" said with plugged up nose.)

Also I seriously goofed my eyebrows to the point where they look, oh I dunno, Vulcan heheeh (laughing though the snot)

I go back and forth on linking to this from my buzznet page cuz, well i dunnooooo, but I am going to re-link it what the hell let it all hang out eh?

here is something funny I was looking at on Mama's fast computer, it is slow as hell on mine or I would link to the exact part...anyway look for the video to the Transformers theme song, I almost spit coffee on her computer...during the Queen Latifah moment...holy schnikes that was good...


Alex said...

Sorry you're down with the sickness, Kooksy. Have you tried zinc lozenges? Anyway, thanks for the link. No wonder it played slowly, that's a big file.

kookychick252 said...

that was a song....who sang that weird song that said c'mon c'mon get down with the sickness??

anyway i haven't tried zinc lozenges...I've been doing the Airborne to no was too late :P

cold medicines make me act like I am on crack....that might be fun for work though maybe I will bust out some Cor-D

ooeosz heheh that is the code word

Alex said...

I don't know who did the song. I just know the catchphrase because I'm cool like that.
Now I'm trying to figure out what ooeosz means.

And don't forget to wear a jacket! No wonder you're catching cold up there in the rainforest.

kookychick252 said...

it was the code word to type in to the "word verification"

i'll bring a jacket i swear!!!!
is it hecka cold there too???
know what I found out Pirates o' the Carribean will be closed on that day


that song is apparently by a band called disturbed, I googled it
here are some more of their lovely heartfelt lyrics:
can you feel that aww shit... O-WA-AAA O-WA-AAA ... You motha get up, come on get down with the sickness! You fucka get up, come on get down ...