Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Ok this puppy hasn't been posting onto the website lets see if it works today-
news: at work.. another one bites the dust (oops i almost wrote bites the desk, well, that too) Will I be next to go? and as always the eternal question- what am I doing with my life? What do I want to do? Kris had this article about people who are postponers- who work as bartenders or waiters while they are figuring out what to do for their "real" career.. well, i feel like I am doing that same thing. Problem is, this job i am doing is sapping all of my creativity.
no subject: how weird is it that the person who gave me my cat because she was moving out is about the same age as me, has tattoos like me (even a Disney one) and collects little toys and stuff. And she is doing exactly what i wanted to do for a job originally, namely editing film. I don't get it, what did I do wrong that she did right? I tried and tried to get a foot in the door to no avail and i know that it was something that i was good at. I just got screwed over when i worked for the egomaniacal car commercial producer and that took me down several thousand notches for some reason, maybe because i was young and naive. Now I am old and pissed off and surly and should probably go back to school. But with what money? eeeerrr and speaking of ewrrrrrrrr i gotta go cuz my fucking break ended.