Sunday, 30 October 2005

oh happy day

I found something I was looking high and low for. When you stop looking, you find it. Ya know?

Here are two cool and cute family things that happened recently...
One of the twins had to write a paper for her class about her family. She was explaining how her brother is her half brother: "how this happened," she wrote, "is his mother was pregnant with him and my father was somehow involved". Too cute, that kid. 2nd grade. I dunno if being twins makes kids learn language faster or what but they use big words and they both can read amazingly fast...they are very smart and funny. I miss living near to them so much!

The other is that I got to see my nephew's new band, they are fantastic...he was amazing. And the cute thing was after they played his girlfriend was helping him put away his cords, etc and these lil gals came up to him and asked if they could get their picture taken with him. And his girlfriend didn't bat an eye about it and even volunteered to take the picture for them. AWwwww. They are good kids. Well, he is an adult now but U know what I mean.

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