Sunday, 19 February 2006

Fly on the Wall

Or sister crouched in the corner behind a garbage can. Let me explain. The twins were over and we were playing hide and go seek. I hid in the corner of the kitchen behind a plastic garbage can that my sister keeps the dog food in. I had to turn it sideways in order to fit and pile stuff on top to be sufficiently hidden. My sister walks into the kitchen and says "I'll have some of Jamie's coffee. She won't mind" Then she walks to the fridge still not noticing me, and takes out my coffee creamer (french vanilla...what's the diff between that and regular vanilla is it très délicieux comparé à l'ordinaire?) she shakes it and says "yeah, she won't mind". Still didn't notice part of the kitchen is rearranged and I am crouched in the corner thinking "yes i do!!!!" Cuz she always finishes the end of my stuff dammit and she buys the freaking powder kind that is sweetened with aspartame which she knows I am allergic to anyway. (I use Folgers Crystals...after they pulled that crap on me in the restaurant and I was all "no way? this is made from Folgers Crystals? this shit is amazing forget brewing anything....microwave that cup of water and your good to good to good to go solo") Then she sat down across from me drinking my coffee and still didn't notice I was there. I stared at her. And cleared my throat. Ahem. Then she noticed. "oh, that's a good hiding place". Apparently.


the hyena said...

heh, i also have an aggravating, annoying, oblivious sister. she lives on the other side of the couintry and still manages to drive me insane. just a nod of hide 'n seek rocks, personally i think the older you get the more important it is to play. my friends and i play manhunt (kinda like team based hide 'n seek)all the time.

Alex said...

She took your FRENCH VANILLA?

And yet, she LIVES?!

BTW: What is nephew band's name, and when does he go on?? I'm looking forward to visiting.

kookychick252 said...

i am a coffee drama queen huh?

his band is called Variation
the show is a "battle of the bands" so I am not sure of the exact time for his particular band


and (i think...i will double check)

you drivin'? looking forward to meeting you

i hope there are no homicidal stalkers reading this heheh

globalrenovation said...

And I thought I was the only one alergic to aspartame eating homicidal pirates with a french vanilla smelling, 100 pound weasel perched on their shoulder. Your sister makes me think of my uncle who raided the fridge and ate the 'mouse a la mange' (for the dogs skin problem) and thought it was excellant. Maybe you should leave some out for your sister.... I'm sure her fur would grow in nicely!

kookychick252 said...

i had a great-uncle who ate a can of dogfood thinking it was corned beef hash