Tuesday, 21 February 2006

I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips

I don't know why I have had that song stuck in my head all morning. My Ma is cool like that tho...cuz she bought me Adidas and I didn't have to ask heheh.

I wanted to say that yesterday I was so tempted to print an extra copy of this person's picture....they had 4 rolls of film that consisted of various kids dressed as cowpokes sitting on minature horses (those shortie kind) and one of the horses had a hot pink mane, I guess they were goin for a my lil pony kind of a vibe...I was cracking up and the more I looked at it the more it struck me funny. Some of the kids were kind of tall and stuff and it made the horses look even more squatty and bizarre. Okay I guess you had to be there but I sooo wanted to swipe one to post on buzznet. 4 whole rolls of that...it was too perfect...


globalrenovation said...

You lost me on that one.... is the font on my blog too small or was it on my comment? While I'm at it.... if I put a saddle on the weasel can I ride into your life as a knight in shining armour? I promise I'll stay small enough that you could hide me in the corner of your mind next to pony vibes and ladden sparrows.

kookychick252 said...

i meant the font on your blog was showing up really tiny on my computer
but it might be my settings :P