Thursday, 17 November 2005

There's no place like home

I really need to get back to the Bay Area, now that I've left it I realize how much I love it...I went to visit my mother and her husband and we got Indian food, which I have been dying for...there are no Indian restaurants around where I live...there was an all you can eat buffet and I stuffed was wonderful.

Then I went to see my sister and her family. My nieces are incredible...they have each been writing stories about my mother's two chihuahuas. They will do a page with a drawing and a small paragraph. They are up to a hundred pages each! And the stories are very smart and funny. They amaze me...when I was a kid I would begin to do a big project like that and then abandon it partway through from boredom (come to think of it, that sums up my employment history as an adult heheh). Those two are smart cookies and so energetic.


blister said...

when i was in junior school, i co-wrote a story about rabbits with super-powers. it filled something like three books. the teacher said it was the longest piece of creative writing in the history of the school and we were big-time proud. we were like celebrities for five minutes. the fact that we'd only managed to squeeze two scrawly words on to each page was carefully overlooked all round.

it's probably still the longest piece of fiction i've ever written.

and i have no idea why i've just posted this!

anywho, go chihuahuas. and curry. (though not in the korean sense.)

ellie said...

that's some freaky dedication from littleuns!

i used to imagine doing things, but never quite get round to doing them...

i guess it is nice to be near family. i do miss mine.